Affordable California State Child Health Insurance Plans – I Can’t Pay Much

Every                 child needs dependable health insurance. However, not all parents can afford the full cost of private medical insurance. As a result, there are a variety of programs offered by the state of California and private  that can provide health care to financially strapped families. Through these programs, there should be no child in California that doesn’t have health insurance.

In the sections below we will give an overview of the child health insurance programs that are available in California. Some of these plans provide complete coverage for children at no cost, and others provide just the basic services. Then we’ll outline the steps parents should take to find the best program for their children.This is the name for California’s Medicaid program. The program is administered by California, and is financed equally by the Federal and State government.  -Cal provides no cost health insurance to low-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities. People that qualify  -Cal can receive free preventive care, treatment for injuries and illnesses, dental care, vision screening, and mental health treatment.

This program is one of the cornerstones of the Affordable Care Act, and will expand considerably to take in new people in 2014.

Healthy Families

The healthy families program provides low cost health insurance to the children of low income families. This program provides a variety of services such as medical, dental, visions, and preventive care. The program requires families to meet certain income requirements which may viewed at the following link:

The Healthy Families program is being rolled into the  Cal program during 2013. The transition plan will ensure that families do not see a disruption in services, and will increase the benefits that children receive once inside of  Cal. Healthy Families is still accepting applications for new children.

Child Health and Disability Prevention Program

This is not an insurance program. However, the program does assist low income families in obtaining preventive care and health assessments for their children.   provides checkups, nutrition evaluations and guidance,   hearing, and vision screenings. This program is administered by the state Department of Health Care Services   The program helps families determine their eligibility for assistance programs, and  in the appropriate care program, such as Healthy Families and  -Cal.

Children’s Health Initiative (CHI)

Children’s Health initiative is run by an independent non-profit known as The Institute For Health Policy Solutions  ). CHI works with many counties to reach the low-income families with children that don’t have health insurance. CHI works with families whose income is less than 300% of the Federal Level. By providing technical support and guidance, programs are created in each county to create “Healthy Kids” insurance plans in a partnership with the local communities and businesses.

CHI helps families determine which state programs they qualify for, and can assist in the a state program that provides health care assistance to children up to age 21 with special health problems. The program works with  Cal and Healthy Families to provide case management and ensure that children receive the right care and see the right physicians for their special health needs. Examples of special health problems are cystic fibrosis, , cerebral palsy, heart disease, cancer, and traumatic injuries.

Steps You Should Take To Find Affordable Child Health Insurance

If the mother of a baby is enrolled in  Cal or the Aid for Infants and Mothers (AIM) program, then the steps below will not apply for getting baby health insurance after birth. In this situation, the baby will be transferred into  -Cal with the mother, or into Healthy Families or  -Cal if the mother is in the AIM program. For all other situations, use the steps outlined below.

The first step is to look at the coverage map for the Children’s Health Initiative above. If CHI has an active program in your area, then this program can act as your partner in helping you get into the correct health program.
If CHI is not active in your county, then contact the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program. This office can help you through the process of finding the correct program and assist you in filling out the necessary forms, or they will put you in contact with a local office for assistance.
If neither of the steps above works, then you should contact your local  -Cal office.  -Cal will be your lowest cost solution, so start with this program
If you do not qualify for  -Cal, then contact the Healthy Families program.


Use a Health Insurance Agency to Make Big Online Savings

The introduction of the online health insurance agency now makes it possible to find the best deals online in a matter of minutes, without any obligation to buy anything. Finding a suitable health insurance package could not be easier. These free health insurance comparison websites allow you to enter your name, age, a few personal details, and very brief medical insurance history.

You then simply click the search button and wait a minute or two for a list of the best prices and policies from a large range of the top medical insurance companies. Obviously, the better the online health insurance agency you use, the more tiktoklocksmith comprehensive and detailed the results will be.

Many of these companies offer exclusive Internet deals, and custom tailored medical policies to suit individuals or families. You can sort and filter your results by the cheapest cover available, or the by the policy type and cover. This means finding a short-list of the best policies available for your budget is easy.

The next step is to look at the policy detail for each quote that you have short-listed. You must make sure that you will be receiving the cover you need, so always check the small print.

From there, I recommend you take your short-list and contact the individual insurance companies to discuss the policy in more detail. This is a very good idea because you get the chance to test their customer service. You can also save on telephone calls by requesting the insurance company calls you.

I recommend that you prepare a set list of questions for each insurance company. Then you can ask the same questions to each insurer to ensure you receive the cover you need, plus of course, all your questions are answered to a satisfactory level.

The online health insurance agency is there to make your life easier and to find you the best deal in the shortest possible time. Best of all, they are completely free because it is the insurance company that pays broker if you decide to take up a policy.

Even if you already have medical insurance, what have you got to lose other than a few minutes of your time to check to see if there is a much better deal available for you? With an online health insurance agency there is zero hassle.


Internet Based Paid Surveys – Work Efficiently For Big Online Money!

Planning and discipline are the key ingredients for success in the paid surveys. You can expect big earnings from online surveys only if you work hard. There are various suggestions on how to improve your earnings through the internet based surveys. If you do not work efficiently and improve on your skills, you may lag behind.

Actually, what you take home every week is the only indicator of your performance in the surveys business. The events that trigger maximum returns pertain to your own work styles. If you are sincere about your venture then sky is the limit but if you take every job casually then do not anticipate huge earnings. Small initiatives can turn big if the approach is right. In the beginning, you may have to take low paying work but do not stop working. You should continue the search for the high paying surveys sites as you take the small little surveys. You can have initial learning experience with these surveys and enable yourself for the best paid surveys.

Apart from your own soft skills and professional working style, you have to procure the good configuration computer system. This workstation should possess the robust anti virus software. A broadband internet connection is also must for doing the online work. Apart from the hardware mentioned, you should devote some time on regular basis to learn and equip abclocksmithoh  yourself with the skills that help you differentiate between various surveys sites. As you look for the sites that offer surveys, you will find that there are hundreds of websites doing the similar type of business. It becomes difficult to choose the correct website for enrollment.

So, one important technical skill that you should learn is how to find high paying genuine paid surveys sites. You have to master this art for uninterrupted supply of second income. You can talk to consultants and experienced candidates for gaining knowledge. Due to dynamic nature of online surveys, these skills need regular improvement. Hence, the studies are going to be part of your life. You can rely only on your own knowledge as the bogus surveys sites are posing real threats.

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3 Things You Still Need For Self-Publishing Success

When Jill and I first got into self-publishing the book world was a vastly different place than it is today. There was no Google, no Amazon, no print-on-demand, no blogs. There were two giant wholesalers, Baker and Taylor, and Ingram. (Well, not everything has changed.) But Ronald Reagan was president, gas cost about 90 cents a gallon, and Magnum, bluelinelocksmith P.I. was the top show on television. Back then self-publishing was much more involved and expensive. You had to figure out how to publish a book, usually something only big companies did. You had to print at least a couple of thousand copies at a cost of several thousand dollars. These were barriers most people just couldn’t get over. You had to be dedicated, driven, or desperate.

Barriers Have Shrunk
Today there are numerous websites offering “publishing packages” where all the work has been done for you (or so they claim) and by just uploading a file you can instantly become a “published author.” In some cases, you can achieve this distinction without spending a penny, as long as you are willing to buy the books that result from this process. And this system has allowed many people to get into the hobby end of book publishing, which is admirable. But self-publishing for profit, self-publishing as a business decision, or as an extension of a business agenda–like enhancing a consultant’s reputation in her field–still requires a big dose of learning and a lot of persistence.

What Hasn’t Changed
Here are some of the things that haven’t changed a bit from the time of $100 cover proofs, bluelines that smelled like ammonia, and Ronald Reagan, the movie star president:

You need a rationale to publish your book—I followed Dan Poynter’s outline for publishing because it fit my situation pretty well. I had the first book to be published on my subject, and an audience of several thousand people anxious to get the book. This was my rationale. I knew I would be able to pre-sell enough copies to pay the printing bill, so there was no financial risk on my part. In essence, the people who would buy those first copies made it possible to launch the book into the book trade. The fact that print-on-demand has eliminated the need for up-front sales hasn’t at the same time eliminated the need for the book to have a rationale. The self-publisher still has to answer the questions of why the book needs to be published, and who will buy it.
You need to produce a high-quality book to have a chance in the market–Luckily I had worked in the publishing industry and was operating a graphic design business when I became a self-publisher. I knew how to hire an editor, and had the ability to produce a book with the same vendors who were serving the big publishers. I knew my book would be the equal to the books from my “competitors.” Today it’s still incumbent on the self-publisher to hire editors, book designers, indexers, cover designers, and so on to get a book produced at a professional level, or to make use of a book producer who will handle the whole pre-press production of your book for you. Whichever way you go, without a commitment to quality, your book will suffer in comparison to others.
You need to be willing–no, eager–to market your book, your program, or your ideas–We launched Body Types with the full pre-publication review program, news releases, sample reviews, book photos, author bios, mailings with blow-back postcards, bigger publication-date review mailings, interviews and workshops. Let’s face it, it’s a lot of work to take on. It only makes sense if you can define your message, who it will benefit, and locate the people likely to be interested. Today you need to answer all the same questions we had then, but now in the context of the blogosphere, social media, and the revolution that seems to be slowly unfolding in book distribution and the move to both ecommerce and epublication. The challenges of lauching and marketing a book today demand the same kind of focus, attention to the marketplace, and innovative thinking they always have.
The More Things Change…
Self-publishing remains a viable business for people in the right situation and with the right temperament to take it on. And some people are just desperate to communicate their unique vision, expression, or thoughts to the world and want to do so in a way that earns the respect of the marketplace. But almost by definition, a self-publisher is launching a business and will do themselves a favor by approaching it with the seriousness and dedication it deserves.
Another thing that hasn’t changed is how powerful it is to publish a book. After spending the better part of a year writing and revising my book through lonely hours at my desk on weekends and evenings, I was able to hold the book in my hand. Now, 23 years later I’m amazed at how long a book that provides information and usefulness to readers can last. Body Types has a new cover and has gone back to press for its fifth printing.

When you’re ready to publish your book, do it properly because twenty years from now you may be very glad you did.

Joel Friedlander is the proprietor of Marin Bookworks in San Rafael, California. He has run businesses in graphic arts, design and book publishing, and was the Director of Production at Aperture Books. Joel founded Renaissance Books, a fine press printer, published books of memoirs and spirituality as the publisher of Globe Press Books, and now runs Marin Bookworks, a publishing services company where he’s helped launch many self-publishers since 1994. He provides complete pre-press services including editing, interior and cover design, illustration, proofreading, and indexing. Joel is also an award-winning book designer, a self-published author, and blogs about publishing at You can find out more by going to his Hire Me! page here:


The Role and Importance of an Expert Witness in Court

Expert Witness: Brief Overview

For those who are not familiar with court systems, an expert witness is an individual considered to be more knowledgeable than the average person on certain fields or knowledge areas. Through his expert opinion, an expert witness is summoned to testify in court to assist in determining the veracity expertgaragedoorrepairllc and accuracy of a given document or piece of evidence.

To be an expert witness, one should comply with the requirements set in the Federal Rules of Evidence, specifically Rule 702. In a nutshell, the rule states that for one to become an expert, he must be able to prove and demonstrate his technical expertise and experience. This can be done through years of practice, training, and education.

Law experts classify experts into two: non-testifying and testifying. If you are a testifying witness, you must fully understand your duties and responsibilities to ensure admissibility of your testimony.

Role and Duties of an Expert Witness

Before you can testify in court as an expert, you must first be hired by a lawyer (or assigned by the court). Understand that being an expert is not an easy job. As a matter of fact, it can be stressful. So before you decide to list your name in expert directories, spend some time to understand your duties and responsibilities.

What are the duties of an expert witness? How should experts carry their role effectively?

1. Provide the court with full assistance

Understand that most people present during trial (notably the judge and the jury) may not be fully knowledgeable about your area of expertise. Otherwise, if they are, you should not be testifying in the first place. So your number one duty when testifying as an expert is to make sure that the court is given enough expert opinion to help them decide upon the case.

2. Be truthful when testifying

As previously mentioned, the court is counting on you to provide them with expert assistance. And the only way to make sure that you achieve this objective is to be truthful and objective in all your statements. You will be asked questions relevant to the case, so answer them as truthfully and as objectively as you can.

3. Be objective

Once you understand the previously mentioned duties, you’ll understand that you are expected to be objective at all times. You do not represent or support either the defendant or plaintiff. Your answers must not be inclined towards the side of either parties.

TASA is a leading expert witness referral provider in the legal industry. With superior expert witnesses in over 10,000+ categories, The TASA Group is there to provide you with the very best referral service. The very best expert witnesses for litigious and non-litigious scenarios.



In this whisper I’m offering you yet another ‘door into your mind’ for you to walk through. If you choose to walk in and observe your wonderful mind from this new level you will love this.

Many self improvement teachers knowprogram latch onto the word ‘believe’ in their work and tell us how important it is to believe this, believe that.

My observation has been that if we have to try and believe something it brings a sense of doubt into our mind.

Doubt robs our power to control our mind, and our life, so trying to believe something involves lots of misdirected energy and effort.

But if we decide to truly KNOW something in our mind doubt disappears and no energy or effort is required to really know it.

As an example, do you ever have to believe that the sun will rise each day? Of course not. You absolutely know it will rise? There is no mental energy or effort required to know this.

When you get in your car to drive do you have to believe you can do it? Do you have to expend effort to go through all the motions and thoughts to drive? No.

You KNOW you can drive. Without any energy or effort or doubt involved.

When you only try to believe something a feeling of doubt is there. When you KNOW something there is no feeling of doubt. KNOWING something is 100% FEELING it surely happens.

One of the languages of your powerful subconscious mind is FEELINGS. When you KNOW something in your mind you send powerful messages to your subconscious that this is truth and this gives you a power to make things happen in your life.

Now when you want to communicate your life desires to your subconscious you have to slow down and KNOW, with FEELING, that these desires are going to come into your life.

They may not be there in your reality yet, but if you visualized and felt them and created them in detail in your mind and KNOW you have done this then you have used the language of your subconscious mind to plant the seeds.

You cannot just believe your desires are coming to you. You have to KNOW they are coming. This is a big difference many people miss when using the Law of Attraction.

When you only believe you can create your desires in life it is only on an intellectual belief level. When you KNOW you have the power to create what you want in life you transfer to a level of living this KNOWING through FEELINGS.

This type of KNOWING becomes your reality.

Stop using the word believe and shift to the word KNOW when you want anything in life.

KNOWING is your power, belief is weakness and doubt.

If you say “I KNOW I will” you are thinking and creating from position of certainty, power, strength and conviction.

If you say “I believe I will” you are thinking and creating from a position of doubt, weakness, worry, stress, fear, anxiety.

Can you FEEL the difference? This is a small subtle, but powerful, change in your thoughts but can make a huge difference in your life going forward.

If you want to believe you will have more money, a nicer home, a better job, your perfect love, better health, peace of mind, then your subconscious mind will bring you more of only wanting to believe.

If you KNOW you can have all your desires by opening your mind and feelings and understanding this principle of truly KNOWING, your subconscious will move heaven and earth to bring what you desire into your life.

To KNOW something is to have it in your mind with no doubt. To FEEL it. You cannot have in your reality what you do not have in your mind first and KNOW for sure it is on its way to you.

To only believe it is to not have it. To never have it.

To KNOW is a guaranteed success. To believe is almost guaranteed failure.

Whatever you want in life or want to do, start using the words “I KNOW I can.” If you use the words “I believe or I think I can” you will now notice a feeling of weakness.

When you use the words “I KNOW I can” you will now notice a feeling of power and certainty and strength.

This can be a complicated concept for many and I’ve tried to simplify it here in this short piece but I suggest re-reading this whisper again to fully allow your mind to open this wonderful door and allow its power to seep into your mental makeup.

Simply OBSERVE this concept to start. Don’t JUDGE it in any way. You are only LOOKING at this for now. Re-read and let it sink in deeply.

… Enjoy The Whisper

Doug Allan Dammeier is an award winning writer, Life Coach, Father & Grandfather, and lives in the mountains of western Washington state, USA. For more of his Whispers (interpretations of life) he has a new FB page


Diet Tea Pills – Its Pros and Cons

With the hectic lifestyle that we lead, we want to do things as fast as we can and dieting is one of those  Best male enhancement pills things that we need to have done. With the advent of diet pills there is no need to brew, steep and pour your tea because you only need to pop it in your mouth and take a gulp of water. In anything, especially in taking pills or any medications, there are always the pros and the cons. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of taking diet tea pills:

The Pros

1. Same Benefits. It is said that the benefits derived from taking loose leaf tea and diet tea pills are the same. This would mean that the medicinal and weight loss benefits we get from drinking tea made of loose leaf are the same as those contained in diet tea pills. Then this would make it easier for people to take the pills than having to prepare the brew before you can even drink it.

2. Medicinal Benefits. Taking diet tea pills will also provide the medicinal benefits such as: lowers cholesterol levels, helps detoxify the body, strengthens the immune system, anti-bacterial properties, lower the risk of cancer, lower arthritis and other joint problems, and a powerful anti-oxidant.

3. Weight Loss. Diet tea pills can increase metabolism and burn fats resulting in weight loss. It is also easier to lose weight because you only need to take the pills twice or three times a day and you can do it anywhere you are.

4. Skin Rejuvenation. Using diet tea pills will help in smoothing and rejuvenating the skin giving you a soft, clear, young and healthy skin.

5. Cost. Compared to the cost of loose leaf tea, diet tea pills cost much lower than loose leaf tea.

The Cons

Starvation. Diet tea pills will starve you. The purpose of diet pills is to make you lose your appetite to eat which in return will make you lose weight. But the problem with diet pills is that when you take eat before eating you tend not to eat at all and starve you such that when you get the urge to eat the more that you overeat.
Expensive. Diet tea pills are quite expensive. Even with the offers for a 60-day trial or the buy-one-take-one deals, the pills can be very expensive when you total how much you will need to take for a certain period of time to make you lose this much weight. Some people may lose weight as much as 10 to 15 pounds a month but others just can’t. So you will need to compute how much weight you need to lose first and the quantity of pills you need to take before you get to reach your desired weight.
Short Term. Taking diet tea pills may make you lose weight but once you stop taking them you gain everything back. Once you reach your desired weight and stop taking the diet pills then you tend to get back all the weight you have lost.
Dependency. Once you start taking diet pills then you get hooked on it and would not do or try out other means of losing weight. You become dependent on the pills and would continue to use it because you can eat anything you want, chocolates, ice cream and double burgers included.
Market Pull-out. There are times when some pills are released in the market not as diet pills but as supplements and when it undergoes validation by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) is found out to be falsely declared or harmful for human consumption if taken continuously. Then the FDA has to order the pull out of the pills from the market. For users, it is a waste of money.
Dangerous. There have been reports in the past of cases wherein people who have used these pills suffered heart attacks. Some of these pills will increase your heart rate and might cause your heart to give in. Taking these pills is taking the risk of suffering a heart attack or worst, death.
Caffeine. Diet pills may be loaded with caffeine to make your energy levels soar. When your energy level is high, then you will not sleep or rest and you can go on exercising without any trouble. However, when energy level is high then your heart will pump faster which may also cause a heart attack if your heart cannot take the stress.
Addictive. You may become addicted to the diet pills because either you do not want to gain back the weight you have lost or you get addicted to the energy high you get whenever you take the pills.
Well it looks like the cons far outweighs the pros but then it is really up to the user which would be more effortless or uncomplicated for him/her. Losing weight should be done in a natural and healthy way and as long as you are aware of the contents of those pills and that you are assured that it is all natural then there isn’t really anything wrong with taking them.


Thinking Which Career Path to Follow? – What About Digital Marketing?

When you are right at the crossroads of your life wondering which path to take to build your career and your life, you really need to consider all the available options before you make a decision. Choosing a career path is not as simple as ordering your meal on Swiggy or booking a movie ticket online. You need to consider a lot of factors such as your personal interests and passion, the scope, industry growth and the renumeration.pressheadliner When a particular career path ticks right in all the above criteria, then you have a great chance of landing your dream chance.

One career path that you can consider is Digital Marketing. In this current business scenario, all businesses are going online. They set up websites, pages in social media platforms, build mobile applications and lots more to reach out to the huge audience that is available in the virtual world. In fact, digital marketing has not only changed the entire concept of sales and marketing, but also levelled the field for all kinds of businesses, big and small.

Are you on the social media platforms almost all your waking hours? Make the most of your passion for the social media by learning the trends and techniques behind social media marketing. There are institutes offering social media marketing courses that you can take up to learn the nuances of planning and executing social media campaigns.

Are you fascinated by the search engines, their algorithms and try to make sense of the insights derived from them? You can think of becoming a search engine optimisation analyst. An SEO analyst digs deep into the websites and implements the best techniques to enhance the website’s ranking and reach. When you enrol in SEO courses, either online or blended programs, you will learn all about the secrets of search engine optimization.

Digital marketing is more than search engine optimisation and social media marketing. It also involves other modes of promotion such as email marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing and lots more. You can specialise in all of these digital marketing channels as you chart your growth in your chosen career path.

The best thing about this career path is that you don’t need any basic qualification. Anyone can learn the basics of online marketing in these digital marketing courses and kickstart their career. Plus, as your work, you can also do online digital marketing courses or specialisation courses and improve your career prospects.

The salary is also pretty good, especially if you get employed in one of the top companies or leading digital marketing agencies. The scope of work is also very high. From start-ups and NGOs to governmental agencies and top companies, all organisations use digital marketing. So, there will be no dearth for jobs if you are planning to pursue a career in digital marketing.

However, if you want to build a good career, you should make sure that you learn from the best institute in the industry.

Manipal ProLearn is a great place if you want to learn internet marketing. They have a digital marketing program in association with Google, which means you get a joint certification from Google, which is really valuable. Plus, they have other specialization courses that you can take up online. Take the first step to building your career in this field by enrolling in these courses.


How Many Types Of Affiliate Marketing Programs Do You Know?

The following article is one of a series of articles which focus on Affiliate, Article and Internet Marketing. All of the articles are based on real experiences and research done over twenty years as a personal and business coach. They are also written in response to questions which I have been asked as well as address common challenges that people have with affiliate marketing, article marketing, internet marketing or running an online business in
general. newslineups I sincerely hope that you find the following information of value. One idea, one tip, one clue can make all the difference.

How Many Types Of Affiliate Marketing Programs Do You Know?

Affiliate marketing programs have never been as popular before as they are today. Why? There can be a number of reasons. The most probable reason, however, could be the fact that the benefits of affiliate marketing have become clearer to a lot of people now than they were before.

Today, both the merchants and the affiliates can see clearly that affiliate marketing can work for both of them. The merchant sees affiliate marketing today as the chance to advertise their products at a lower cost. The affiliates, on the other hand, sees affiliate marketing as an easy way of earning profits online by doing what they like most, and that is by creating websites.

Just as the popularity of affiliate marketing has shifted into greater heights, so has the people’s outlook about it changed. No longer is affiliate marketing considered today as an alternative method for the merchant to advertise his products, or as a source of additional income for the affiliates. For merchants and affiliates alike, affiliate marketing is now considered as a main source of profits and revenues.

So the question now is what type of affiliate marketing will work best for you? Are all affiliate marketing programs the same? Are the benefits the same? Or are there affiliate marketing programs that work better than the others?

There are actually different types or classes of affiliate marketing, and the number of types will depend on how one will classify them. The most basic affiliate marketing programs, however, falls under two categories: pay-per-click (PPC), and pay-per-performance (PPP).

* Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is the most popular type of affiliate marketing for affiliates with small websites, and probably the easiest way for them to earn money. In this affiliate marketing type, the merchant pays his affiliate whenever a visitor is referred to his site, that is whenever someone clicks through the merchant’s banner or text ads. The affiliate gets paid a certain amount even if the visitor he referred does not purchase anything from the merchant’s site. However, typical fees for PPC affiliate programs are small, usually not exceeding a dollar for every click.

* Pay Per Performance (PPP)

PPP affiliate marketing is the most popular among merchant and is also the most lucrative type for the affiliates. In this type of affiliate program, the merchant only pays the affiliate whenever his referral translates into an action–that is whenever the visitor he has referred actually buys something from the merchant’s site or when the visitor becomes a lead. This means a lot of savings for the merchant. On the other hand, it becomes the most lucrative type for the dedicated affiliate, for commissions in PPP affiliate marketing usually comes in the range of 15% to 20% of the actual product sales.

Pay-per-performance affiliate marketing can be further classified into two popular types: pay-per-sales (PPS) and pay-per-lead (PPL).

* Pay Per Sale (PPS)

In a pay-per-sale type of affiliate marketing, the merchants pay the affiliate a certain fee whenever the visitor he has referred to the merchant’s site actually buys something from the merchant’s site. Affiliates are often paid on commission basis, although other merchants would opt to pay a fixed fee. But no matter what the basis of the fee is, it is generally higher than the fee paid to affiliates in a pay-per-click affiliate program.


Affiliate, Article and Internet Marketing in general isn’t as easy as many would have us believe. I fully understand (through my own experiences) that it is a lot easier said than done. However, you are here, right now, because you have a desire to improve your business, grow your business, and be more successful. These articles are here with the sole intention of helping you to make the whole process a lot easier.

======END SIDEBAR======

* Pay Per Lead (PPL)

The pay-per-lead type of affiliate marketing is a slight variation of the PPS type and is often used by insurance and finance companies and other companies who rely on leads for their company to grow. In this type of affiliate marketing, the affiliate is paid whenever the visitor he referred to the merchant’s site fills up an application form or any similar form related to the business of the company. Compensation for this type of affiliate marketing is based on a fixed fee whose rates approximate that of the fixed fee in the PPS type.

Apart from these three specific types of affiliate marketing, a lot of other affiliate marketing types exist. If the classification is based on the depth of the affiliate network, it can be classified as single-tier, two-tier, and multi-tier affiliate marketing. There is also another type of affiliate marketing that pays the affiliate each time the customer he has referred purchases something from the merchant’s site.

* Single-Tier, Two-Tier, and Multi-Tier Affiliate Marketing

These types of affiliate marketing are based on the different levels or tiers in the affiliate network by which payments are made. In a single-tier affiliate marketing program, the affiliates are only paid based on the direct sales or traffic he has referred to the merchant. All the previously mentioned affiliate marketing types (i.e. PPS, PPL, and PPC) fall under the single-tier classification.

* In two-tier affiliate marketing programs, the affiliate is not only paid for the direct traffic or sales that he refers to the merchant’s site, but also on every traffic or sales referred by various other affiliates who joined the affiliate program through his recommendation. Multi-tier affiliate marketing works the same way, although the affiliate gets additional commission for a wider number of affiliates in different tiers in the affiliate network.

* Residual Income Affiliate Marketing

In residual income affiliate marketing, the affiliate gets paid not only once for every customer he has referred to the merchant’s site. Rather, the affiliate is also paid whenever the customer he has referred returns to the site and purchase another product. Compensation for such type of affiliate marketing is based on either sales percentage commission or fixed fee basis.

The different affiliate marketing types would virtually work differently for merchants and affiliates alike, and each would generally have their own list of benefits. Which type of affiliate marketing will work best for you? It is not really for me to tell. Rather, it is for you to choose which type of affiliate marketing program will suit your needs and characteristics best.

NOW is the time!

O.K. you have read the article. Now is the time for action. Without action, this article adds no value whatsoever to your affiliate success. But remember, without action, you cannot blame this affiliate marketing article or any article for that matter. So, take action NOW.

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How to Build an Internet Marketing Mailing List Using 4 Simple Methods

Like most Internet marketers, I have been given, and have bought, many internet marketing programs, and advice from the so called experts. While much of this advice has been good solid advice, if I where to focus only on one, it is this “If you truly want to make money on the internet, you MUST focus on building yourself a responsive mailing list”

You see, the money is not only in the list, but in the relationship you build with it. This strategy is more commonly know as “permission based marketing” or “Opt-in email marketing”, either way, it simply involves you obtaining the name and email address of a potential customer, so that you can mediarounds build a relationship with them based on trust, by having the ability to market to them as much or as little as you like.

Opt-in or permission based marketing requires the permission of a willing and potential customer to subscribe to your marketing materials, such as: Newsletters, Catalog’s and promotional mailings, via e-mail.

There are many methods to begin building your internet marketing mailing list, but I will concentrate on, what I believe to be the 4 simplest methods to get started:

So read on…

Simple Method No 1.

Direct your traffic to a Lead Capture Page.

I have seen many internet marketers go to a lot of time and expense driving traffic to their websites and Blogs, only to leave the majority of that traffic completely untapped.
You see, when a visitor arrives at your Website, they are only going to do 2 things:

1. Stay around for a short time and explore, or…

2. Immediately leave.
and it goes without saying, that to make your internet marketing efforts profitable, the
longer you have your visitor stay, the more sales/money you can make. So why not use a lead capture page/system, instead, to do the following:

a). Keep your visitors interest so they stay around.

b). Offer them some sort of ethical bribe for their name and email address, which will add them to your internet marketing mailing list.

c). Enable you to present your offer quickly and in a much more professional manner.

Simple Method No 2.

Use a Professional Email Marketing Service.

The use of a professional email marketing service provider, will help you do a number of things that ordinarily you probably WOULD NOT be able to do on your own, such as:

1. Create a professional looking lead capture form and page.

2. Ensure maximum deliver-ability of your emails. As your internet marketing mailing list grows, the deliver-ability of your emails can become more difficult, especially as you could be sending thousands of emails daily to your subscribers.

3. Track your email analytic s, so that you can see who:

a). Opens your emails.
b). Clicks on your links within the emails you send.
c). Which emails have bounced.
d). Which landing page converts the best.
e). Which Sales page converts the best,

Most of the email marketing service providers out there will provide these functions for
you. The provision of these providers is outside the scope of this article, but if you visit my blog (in the author bio) you will find further info on this.

Simple Method No 3.

Provide MASSIVE Value by Giving Something of Value Away.

This next method is the method that an awful lot of internet marketers simply don’t get.
They fail to understand how you can build your internet marketing mailing list and make
money by giving something away, but if you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense and this is how it works:

1.Your traffic arrives at your lead capture page, were YOU are wanting them to leave their name and email address as a minimum.

2.As a trade for their personal info, you will send them something FREE connected to
whatever it is that brought them there in the first place. This can be a free report, a free video or a free resource. The important thing is that it must have some perceived value to your visitor.

3.The freebie can be delivered immediately (by directing to a download page) or it can be delivered later in your welcome email. I have found that delivering in your welcome email is best, as usually your subscriber will need to confirm that they want it by clicking on the confirmation link sent by the email service provider, so this serves as a reminder for them as well.

4.As previously mentioned, after sign-up you have the option of presenting your sales offer immediately.

Note: One very important point here, make sure your give away is of the highest perceived value that it can be, remember that you are trying to build trust with your internet marketing mailing list, and it starts here!

Simple Method No 4.

Provide Great Service and Products.

Think of it like this: Keep a clean and private list. Never lose the trust your customers have placed in you. If you provide your subscribers emails to other internet marketers, and as a result they get spammed, many will probably unsubscribe from your list. So Remember, a good reputation will drive in more traffic and more subscribers to your internet marketing mailing list, as well as strengthen the stick ability and loyalty of your existing customers.