How to Discover the Categories

You wouldn’t believe how common it is for new sellers to place their items up for auction under categories that are almost guaranteed to help them fail when it comes to eBay. This happens most frequently whenever a seller is placing an item up for auction by using an outdated listing template or is posting more than one item up in bulk. It is baffling to see a seller list his or her collection of DVD listings under ”Electronics” rather than DVD & Movies, but this happens all the time. You would almost believe that these sellers were trying to make their online or small business fail.

Sellers also do not utilize all of the valuable options available to them to ensure their success. Most will opt not to pay to list their items in more than just one category thedogman which can have a catastrophic effect on their resulting profits. Selecting more than one sub-category within your main category simply does not bring you the same amount of exposure as listing your product in more than one category.

The business savvy seller would choose to list his or her DVDs in both the ”Electronics” and the DVD &Movies categories to reach a wider audience. Just make sure that the multiple categories you choose to list your products under me all relevant to your product. If not you can be accused of the following:

– Listing items in deception categories which will put you in violation of the terms or agreement you made with eBay when you signed up to be a seller.
– Wrongly using category titles which can result in eBay’s cancellation of your auction listing.

By listing your items or products under categories that are not applicable you are doing nothing but exposing your items to buyers who could care less about your products. You are wasting your time and money as well as aggravating buyers who you may need to rely on for sale in the future. Always strive to place your items under categories that contains a keyword relevant to your product. These specific categories are shopped regularly by buyers whereas if you were simply to place your product in the ”Other” your product is much less likely to receive the constant attention it needs to succeed.

Your potential profits are relying on the tendencies of buyers who shop on a whim. In order to research this audience, you must find a category that is particular to your product so that these buyers can easily find your product and start bidding and in return you get more subscription and web traffic if you attach your website.

eBay knows the importance of selecting a specific category for your product. Because of this it is a common practice for eBay to add new categories that will fit best with the latest trend of popular products. The online auction site will even tailor its new categories to fit the products currently listing under ”Other” in order to ensure superb sales for its users. Make sure that you keep up with the new and emerging categories and use them to your advantage. For more information on how to increase your web traffic and make overwhelming success in your online or offline business.

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