Content Marketing: What We Can Learn From Sherlock Holmes

Is there anything we can learn about content marketing from the great, albeit fictional, unofficial consulting detective? As it turns out there is.

The Sherlock Holmes stories were written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who tells us little about Sherlock Holmes’ financial situation. We are, however, informed that his friend and colleague, Dr. John H. Watson, has a thin salary as a half-pay army surgeon and an even thinner bank account.

That Holmes and Watson share lodgings and kept no servants suggests they were living in what H.G. Wells called “shabby gentility”.

With Holmes’ permission and siestio editorial oversight, Dr. Watson is the chronicler of the adventures of the great detective. It was considered vulgar for late Nineteenth Century professional men to discuss payment of their fees and most professions were prohibited from advertising.

Given both (fictional) men needed an income, how then did they promote their services? The answer is that they used content marketing.

Dr. Watson’s chronicles of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes were serialized and published in newspapers and magazines of the day for which he received payment and Holmes received much-needed publicity.

Dr. Watson did not arrange to have his stories published in just any magazine or newspaper. They were published in the journals that Holmes’ target market read. Watson was publishing his content in the places his intended audience went to for information.

What was Sherlock Holmes’ target market?

Conan Doyle was very descriptive of his characters. From these descriptions we know that the typical client using the services of the World’s first unofficial consulting detective:

lived in or had a connection with London;
were from an upper middle class background; and
had the means to support themselves without having to resort to paid work or if they did work it was in an occupation considered suitable for a person of their class.
We also know that the target audience was educated to a higher level than was usual at that time. We know this because Holmes quoted Goethe in German.

Wir sind gewohnt dass die Menschen verhohnen was sie nicht verstehen.
From The Sign of Four

His audience would be familiar with the writings of Goether and understood what he meant when he said “Goethe is always pithy.”

Holmes was also in the habit of using sayings in French, such as nous verrons (we shall see). Again, his audience would have understood the meaning.

Holmes is also said to have referenced archives from the Times, which was, of course, the daily newspaper of choice for his target market.

In content marketing terms, what have Holmes and Watson done?

They have been quite clever:

They have clearly identified their target market and it would not be stretching the point to say they created at least two personas, one for men and one for women.;They created compelling content that helped build a relationship of trust and confidence with their prospective clients. Their story was told as a series of adventures that resonated with the target audience. The chronicles set out the problem and showed how Holmes was able to solve it;
The chronicles entertained and informed the reader, but they also pre-sold them on the idea of consulting Mr Holmes; and
They ensured their content was published in all the places their target audience went to for information.
Not only was Sherlock Holmes skilled in the science of deduction, he also knew a thing or two about content marketing.

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iPod Silhouetted Ad Blitz – A Phenomenal Success Strategy

The Apple company has distributed tunes of approximately two hundred fifty million by its Music Store in iTunes and iPods around ten million. On the press release of the latest iPod generation, The Company has set in motion an unexampled iPod ad crusade in several domestic and global billboards, magazines and over the Internet. Modern jell of iPod advertisement boasts a diversity of vivacious emblazons and design intrigues with a dark silhouetted form of an individual dancing with or obviously loving an iPod. Cut back adaptations of these iPod adverts may likewise be checked in the latest cyberspace pages of Apple iPod.

The current vogue is very dissimilar blitzdmagazine and crimson compared to the customary mere, white advert they’re popular of in onetime. The psychedelic and silhouetted ad blitz of iPod Apple brands the white iPod earpieces really identifiable.

iPod campaign is being lead along three cellphone mobile companies in the Great Britain. It is the inaugural of all time 3G video mobile advertising campaigns for the iPod. The advert runs for fourteen bits that brags the ever illustrious silhouetted dancers of the trade name concept campaign.

iPod ad has turn existent fashionable, indeed, in the TV Cartoon episode titled “Thank God, It’s Doomsday,” of The Simpsons, Homer Simpson observed in the church doctrine for Less shop the iPod type of advert.

Then again, the imitating of the theme has run delirious as Apple company threatens to litigate Fuse, a music channel, over their current advertising campaign that appears exactly similar to that of iPod’s. Apple’s attorneys threatened Cablevision’s Rainbow Media the proprietor of the said music channel with a lawsuit unless they stops airing the promotional advert.

In the confusable campaign, framings of folks in silhouette are viewing television with the flashy colored backdrop. The campaign might be a look-alike of iPod’s advert campaign only Fuse charters the whole concept to a very contrasting way with among their advertisement interpretations demonstrated a man evidently masturbating as one indicated an adult male performing a beer bong.

The ever popular Eminem Rapper and Black Eyed Peas well-famed music group likewise mounted on iPod’s ad blitz bandwagon of success, equally the previous was sported in a rendering of an iPod advert in performing rap and hiphop on screen.

In addition to, the last mentioned the track “Hey Mama” from their “Elephunk” album turned hotter later on when song was applied in a different iPod advertising campaign. The track was hand-picked for the TV advert blitz by Apple iPod in cooperation with TWBA Chiat Day’s creative team. They believed the song embodied appeal which will unquestionably draw in the attention of TV audience.

Apple’s advertisement is likewise described recently to be included inside iTunes shortly. The screening ads are trusted to entice advertisers fascinated in gaining iTunes users by the millions. Yet, several users are not charged up more or less on this since they have stuck with being accustomed to Apple advert complimentary iTune music. As very much like the Apple advertisement will come out exclusively along the bottom left nook of the Library inside iTunes, this may however prove to be daring.

iPod advertisement in billboards, posters, clips of magazines, and foliates have been popping upbound all across key metropolises around the globe. This likewise establishes that Apple is ambitious with this raw iPod advert campaign.

Business 2.0, in point of fact, admitted the band U2 silhouette iPod ad push in 2005 year’s Smart List. This yearly recognitions to the most brilliant creative thinker in commercial enterprise of this magazine delivers dedicated hands up to Apple iPod in its unparalleled idea in promoting strategies for their iPod.

The iPod advertisement comprised a collaboration of star vocalist Bono of the U2 band and Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. As long time friends, both worked intimately for the iPod promotional material ad campaign. They chipped in to the ad blitz with their efforts of publicising iPod cashed off rather advantageously. Simultaneously, iTunes Music Store brought in the sole release “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” of U2.

With the winner promotion of the iPod’s campaign, the record album as well bang the charts for a long time subsequently its launching in 2005 of November.

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2011 Guidelines on Income That One Needs to Follow to File Returns

Filing returns is an obligation of most American citizens and entities. However, there are a group of people who are exempted from filing returns based on their level of income. The IRS provides an annual guideline for tax returns that includes the income levels that different groups of people need to have earned in a given year to require filing returns. People who earn below this starting income are freed from the hustle of preparing and submitting returns. The minimum income for filing returns differs depending on one’s age, marital status, head-of-household status, and the choice on filing separate or joint returns for married couples. The IRS guidelines for the minimum incomes for filing 2011 returns are provided below:

Citizens Below 65 Years of Age

For people who are under 65 return4refund years of age, the starting income to qualify for tax returns differs depending on marital and household head status. Singles are expected to file returns if they earn above $9,350.00 while a married couple that chooses to file jointly will need to file if their income for 2011 exceeds $18,700.00. A head of household needs to file returns if they earned over $12,050.00 in 2011 while widows with dependents are expected to file returns if their income exceeds $15,050.00.

Citizens Over 65 Years of Age

For people who are 65 years and above, the tax returns incomes will generally start at a higher amount. For singles who are in this age bracket, one needs to file a tax return if his or her income for a given tax year exceeds $10,750.00. Head of households over 65 years of age need to file if they earned an income of $13,450.00 and widows aged 65 and above with dependent(s) will file tax returns if they earned over $16,150.00. A couple that chooses to file jointly, if one of the spouses is over 65 years of age, will file tax returns if they jointly earned over $19,800.00 in 2011.

Married Filing Separately

For individuals who are married but choose to file their tax returns separately, the starting income amount that one needs to have is $3,650.00, irrespective of one’s age or whether they have dependents. The low amount encourages couples to file returns jointly as opposed to separately.

Returns for Dependents

The guidelines for filing for dependents is more detailed. For passive incomes such as dividends and interests, a dependent is required to file returns if such incomes exceed $950.00 a year. For wages, salaries, tips, and other earned incomes, the dependent is required to file returns if such incomes exceed $5,700.00. If a dependent has both earned and unearned incomes to report, they will need to file a return if the unearned income exceeds $300.00 irrespective of the amount of earned income that one makes.

However, even if you qualify not to file returns under the above 2011 guidelines, there are still other conditions that could require you to file a tax return. This includes self-employment income that exceeds $400.00, if one has an advance Earned Income Credit in a given year, and if anyone owes taxes on their IRA withdrawal. Furthermore, even if you are not required to file tax returns under the above guidelines, it may be beneficial to file tax returns if you qualify for tax credits and deductions that may give you a refund.

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What to Look For in a Good Tech News Website

If you are a huge fan of tech news, then you are probably one of those who are always on the lookout for a better website than the one they already read. And in the quest for the best source of up-to-date information on the latest gadgets and gaming news, you probably have a list of criteria that you use as a checklist. Here is a brief description of some of them. Some of these may match yours while others could be new to you. In the end, they are all useful and work well to help you find the right source that will not only solve your tech queries, but also introduce you to a whole new world of knowledge and facts that you were hitherto unaware of.

* Information About The Biggest Companies

The best source of technology tech-time24 news is a website that carries stories about the big companies in the business that do a lot to influence the market. While there are many startups and entrepreneurs in the business, it is the big guns that hold sway, and it is these that most tech fans would like to follow. Therefore, if the website you are checking follows these companies, you can be sure that they know what they are talking about and recognize the forerunners in the business.

* New Innovations

The other thing about tech news is that along with the big guns, there are many startups and entrepreneurs who also need to be profiled. Maintaining a balance between these two is ideally what a website should do. Learning about new innovations and ideas is the way you can develop some of your own. And it also encourages interesting discussions both between the innovators and the rest of the tech world.

* Discussion Platforms

A good tech news website will also attract a large number of bloggers and surfers who are very knowledgeable on the subject and have interesting things to say at the same time. This creates a platform where open discussions can be held that serve both to critique and contribute to the creating of cutting edge technology. Therefore a website that encourages two way communications is definitely something you want to access and be part of. And it can do this in several ways, some of which include a message board or a blog where both experts and users can post their comments. And with social networking sites now operating to change the way we communicate, there are more ways in which websites find ways to keep their visitors involved and clued in.

* Software And Demos

What every gadget fan always dreams of having is access to the latest software of a demo version of a new release. And if a tech news websites allows them to preview these, then it definitely gets a ton of brownie points. Doing this as a tie up with the concerned company is of course the legitimate way to do it and will also encourage visitors to respect intellectual property and copyright rules.

Thus, these are some of the criteria you can use while looking for a good tech news website. If you keep at least some of these in mind then you can be sure that the site you access is helpful and best suited to your need.

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Do Women Like Alpha Males?

The word ‘Alpha’ has many connotations. In Greek it is the first letter of the alphabet. In astronomy it is the brightest star in a constellation. Alpha means being first. Being a winner. So, do women like alpha males?

Alpha-males are the ones leading the pack. They transcend status and position, and you’ll see them from the factory floor to the boardroom, from the college class to the Whitehouse. What you want to know is whether alphabuildersanddevelopers the alpha male behaviours they exhibit are in fact a turn on for women?

Do women like Alpha Males? No – they adore them! Alpha males are the men who get women’s imagination running riot and get their attention like you wouldn’t believe.

These types of male exude a certain power and charisma that does not necessarily relate to their status, money, the type of car they drive. I can show you men who, when competing against another guy who drives a Ferrari, will win EVERY time in the battle for a woman’s affections.

Being an alpha male does not mean you have to be loud, brash and arrogant. Quite the opposite. An alpha male will carry with him an air of authority which drives women wild with desire. Even though he may not be the best looking guy in a group, his confidence will make him the natural leader.

In the animal kingdom the alphas are those who lead with aggressive behavior. Animals have their own social structure where the dominant males get to mate with the best females, with the principle that they will most likely produce better offspring. Same goes for the alpha males in the society of humans, although for ‘aggressive’ read ‘confident’ and ‘powerful’.

There are certain alpha male characteristics which you too can learn to emulate.

Born leaders

Alpha males are born to lead. They are the ones responsible for stopping a fight which has usually been started by a bully. They are dignified men who have leadership qualities. He stands by his principles and acts with authority. The key word here as far as you are concerned is ‘act’. Anyone can learn to ‘act out’ these types of qualities, even if initially they feel uncomfortable. Eventually they will become second nature.


It’s absolutely vital that you do not mistake this with arrogance. Arrogance is a trait witnessed in weak men. Men who actually have low self-esteem. Alpha males have belief in themselves but do not need to boast, and this is where the journey to becoming an alpha male begins. From within.

Women are attracted to alpha males because of the confidence that emanates from them. It’s the way he carries himself, the way he speaks and treats other people. He is so confident he can pick up the best girls without even trying that as a result, women will flock to be near him. A self fulfilling prophecy.

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When Health Is Not Enough: How To Engage Your Emotions!

In everyday                           conversing about Health, we clearly understand Health to mean Physical Health, because only Physical Health is measured and expressed by scientific consensus. Nevertheless Physical Health is not only just a fractional aspect of the Well-being of an Individual, symptoms of Illness are commonly the final exposition of a an earlier event that caused a disturbance in the body’s Energy Field. This is an essential consideration in the realm of Preventive-care, or Sustainable Health where effectiveness is proportional to its earlier detection. Consequently, what is now called “Preventive-care” does not mean forestalling Illness per  , as it is limited to  Physical Health and therefore should be more aptly termed “early Symptoms detection”. In order to preempt disease and keep the Individual healthy, we need to extend our Health Analysis to all its 6 elements:

Physical Health
Mental Health
Emotional Health
Spiritual Health
Social Health
Intellectual Health
We have already   the first 2 elements: Physical Health (When Healthy Is Not Enough: Discover The 6 Elements You Can’t Be Missing!), and Mental Health (When Healthy Is Not Enough: How To Engage Your Emotions!) Now the question is: How is Emotional Health different from Mental Health, are they not both the same? At least many dictionaries define Emotional and Mental Health as the same thing, and in everyday parlance both terms are – wrongly – used interchangeably.

Emotional versus Mental Health Even though the dictionaries are missing the distinction in definition, the significant difference evolves when we define the terms emotions and mind.. Emotion roots in the French word for move or excite, implying that emotions are spontaneous and ever-changing. Emotions are the person-specific non-conscious reactions to a situation that may result in feelings, such as anger, joy, sadness, love or hate. Expressed emotions typically include crying, yelling, laughing, shouting, trembling, stumbling or even fainting. In contrast, Mind can be defined as: that which is responsible for one’s thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason; The terms are also distinctive in our daily lives and how we are perceived in society. We can say: I changed my mind, while saying: I changed my emotions, doesn’t make sense, because emotions happen, they are not made. Many definitions purport that Emotions are part of Mental Health while the opposite does not apply. However, in the context of assessment of the Whole Health of a person, the Holistic Health, we have to   Emotions as a separate element. It is well known that Emotions may have a profound effect on the Individual’s Mental Health and eventually manifest in Physical Illness.

For example, my own father was, what people call a very emotional person. He showed frequent outbursts of extreme anger to a degree that it threatened his job. Aware and afraid of the situation, he stifled his emotions. But stifling didn’t change his choleric nature and he eventually came down with a massive heart attack from which he never recovered. He was never diagnosed with a Mental Health problem, but he clearly had an Emotional problem with Anger Management. It follows that Emotions can also have a positive effect on the Individual’s Well-being. A Lady Doctor friend of mine contracted a very aggressive form of   and her chances of survival were very low. But she has a personality  by very positive emotions, always laughing and charming with great charisma. During a lecture she fainted and was brought to the ICU, but before her colleges could rush to the site, she had disappeared. This happened many times for many years and today she is still alive – as a medical miracle. But she had such positive Emotions that beckoned to everyone: I absolutely refuse to give up!

This example portrays that one can change mood simply by changing the thinking. The brain controls both mood and thoughts so it makes sense that what one thinks about can change emotions. Nevertheless, this is not the whole picture, for that we have to consider the other elements that play a role, such as Spiritual Health which will be  in the article: When Healthy Is Not Enough: Unleash The Power Of Belief!

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Tried and Tested Forex Robots – Forex Robot Reviews

With the emergence of the almighty forex robot came the traders’ frenzied scrambling for it. Any trader who is in his right mind would consider employing a forex robot. Why wouldn’t he when the robots promise to make you money for virtually nothing?

Other than offering their trading assistance, forex robots even promise to be better traders than humans.

Humans have emotions. Emotions like apprehension and greed which lose a lot of traders a lot of money all the time. Robots do not have these things. roboticsengineeringandgameplay They are machines that are built for efficiency and certainty. Forex robots have a built-in system that allows them to recognize trading signals. When the system gives the green light, the robot goes and trades without hesitation and without thinking about how the transaction will aid him in his quest for wealth.

With so much money at stake, people usually fall prey to emotions that are bad for business. But the robots, boy, are they ruthless traders.

However, not all robots are good. Not all robots are efficient. Not all robots can cope with certain market conditions. So how do you know you are going to make the right decision?

By reading forex robot reviews of course.

Just like any other kinds of reviews, forex robot reviews can help you pick the right forex robot assistant. Not all robots are built the same way. There is no “one-size-fits-all” forex robot. Some robots are built to deal with only one pair of currencies while some can handle more currencies. One robot cannot be made to trade all currencies because each currency follows a distinct trend, and of course, robots are not like humans who can understand these trends and be familiar with them through experience.

Forex robot reviews must highlight the products’ “specialties.” If you are a new trader, forex robot reviews must tell you whether or not it is wise to purchase a robot that could handle transactions for multiple currencies. Will that kind of robot work for you? Or will it just lose you money?

The review must also tell you something about the manufacturer. How long has the manufacturer been in the market? How good has the manufacturer’s sales been going? The review must help you trust a manufacturer. However, it should not do so by sounding like a paid ad.

A robot review must explain the product’s specs and how the product works. Everything from the amount of set-up time to the product’s platform compatibility must be covered.

Most importantly, the review must honestly tell you if the forex robot actually works or not. It should give a detailed description of the robot’s performance. What is the robot’s performance trend? Does it lose more than it earns?

Forex robot reviews can be helpful if they are written to help forex traders. Some reviews simply gush about a forex robot without comparing it with other robots available in the market. 90 percent of the time, these reviews are not real. They are advertisements disguised as reviews to create more credibility.

Skepticism is the key. Never believe anything that sounds patronizing. But do not believe anything that sounds too demeaning either. Reviews are guides, not persuasion tools. Be critical. In the end, it’s your decision that really matters.

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