What is the best affiliate network for me?

What is the best affiliate network for me? The amount that the affiliate networks are willing to disclose to you will depend on your skills as a negotiator and also the potential size of your business for the affiliate networks.

Approach all of the big networks – Tradedoubler, Buyat, Linkshare, Commission Junction, fazowo Affiliate Future and Clickbank, explain that you are going to be setting up an affiliate marketing program and that you want as much information as possible on why you should go with them.

Ask them:

How many affiliates drove a sale for them last month?
So that you can compare their size and reach with others
How many affiliates are promoting merchants in your industry?
So that you can see their reach in your vertical
How much revenue did they drive for your entire industry last month?
To judge the level of bottom line success in your vertical. You should also look (if possible) at the % breakdown of the revenue by affiliate e.g. what % of revenue is made up by the top 5 affiliates? Is there a lot of long tail/small affiliate opportunity?
How many new affiliates did they recruit last month?
To judge how actively they are growing and how proactive they are.
How many new merchants did they recruit last month?
Ditto, are they an arrogant and lazy network?
How many merchants from your industry are with them? (good to go with the bulk as there will be a good affiiate base ready to promote you if they are already promoting your competitors).
Who are the biggest 5 affiliates working with them?
Who are the biggest 5 affiliates with them for your industry?
How much commission will they charge on sales?
Can they run multiple commission rates?
Can they do lead generation on a fee per lead basis?
What does their management fee include? How much support and help can you expect from them with affiliate recruitment/reporting/problem shooting/industry updates?
What technology do they offer that is unique to them?
If you can get a fair bit of detail on all of these questions then you should be in a good position to approach the negotiating stage and play them off against each other. Obviously the amount of leverage you have and how far you can go will largely depend on the size of your business and what kind of revenue you will bring the affiliate networks. Make the networks excited about your marketing and growth plans. Explain your past performance and what your plans are for the next year – if they see you as an expanding and growing brand then they will stretch further to meet your needs.

By the time you have got to this stage you will have your preferences, go with the data, the best deal and your gut feel. If you like and get on with the people on a genuine level and trust that they will take your business seriously and will spend time promoting you then go with them, but only if the commercials and their business proposition stack up too. Getting visibility with the key affiliates for your market Once you have your account set up and you are ready to go the first thing to do is to put together a target list of affiliates that you want promoting you. Rank the affiliates on the list by potential and then work with the networks on getting the best real estate possible on the affiliates sites.

Get the affiliate network to give you a list of every affiliate who has driven a sale for any competitor of yours (that is in their network) within the past 6 months. Ask the affiliate network to rank the affiliates in order of revenue driven (obviously without the sensitive data) if they mess up and give you the sensitive data (unlikely) then all the better. Put together a promotional plan for the first 3 months and make sure that your offers blow the competition out of the water. Affiliates are businesses in their own right so are just interested in promoting the merchant who can earn them the most cash, so if you give them a better % commission and your conversion rate is as good as your competitors or better then you will quickly win them over. Check out the top affiliates EPC (earnings per click). You then need to work out how you can give them the opportunity to earn over this with you – basically calculate: (site conversion rate x (commission rate per sale X Average order size).

Ensure that the affiliate network have agreed to give you featured merchant status for the first month and that you are featured all over their website/blog/twitter/facebook etc and emails.



What Are The Best Things About Affiliate Marketing?

What Are The Best Things About Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing offers an incredible amount of flexibility and freedom. You can work an affiliate business from anywhere in the world providing you have a laptop and an internet connection. You can choose your own hours and build it up around existing work. Many people come into affiliate marketing because it offers this kind of flexibility. They can choose their priorities in life: spend more time with family, choose your working hours, travel and work abroad. No more commuting to work or working long hours for a boss you don’t like.

Affiliate marketing also offers incredible scalability. A business which is local is always limited to the people who can travel to that business. An online business can be global. korporacjabiznesowa Using digital products in conjunction with a global reach, you can scale using tools and software to reach thousands of people through digital technology. By using automation much of the work involved with an online business can be pre-built. By building automation into the business model, you can focus your activities on reaching a larger audience through content creation and paid advertising.

7 Why Am I Struggling With My Affiliate Business?

A lot of people struggle with their affiliate businesses.This can be for a number of reasons. Firstly building up an affiliate business takes time. You need to dedicate a lot of time to an affiliate business in the first place. Only when you reach a ‘tipping point’ do you really start to see your progress. Many affiliates simply don’t realise how much work is involved. They underestimate how much time they need to dedicate to their online business to make it work.
Paid advertising can allow you to grow your affiliate business quickly. But it costs money and you need the right products too. You can’t advertise small value items with paid advertising. You won’t generate enough profit to cover your advertising costs. You need a range of products and an email list to advertise through.
Content marketing takes much longer to work, depending on your chosen area of business. If you find an untapped niche to market your blog in, you can make some fast progress. However, with a competitive niche you will struggle to get noticed above all the other content which you will have to compete with. There’s several reasons why you might struggle. The main one is lack of knowledge. Get the right education first and your affiliate business will move much faster.

8 What’s The Best Affiliate Model To Use?

There are many different affiliate models, all offering something different to suit the individual. Some affiliates target search traffic and aim to get their content found on Google. Some create their own products and sell them directly to customers. However, having a range of products which you can sell over and over to existing customers is a great model for long term success. Selling a single item online is limited. It means you can only make one commission from each sale. By choosing membership products to promote which also offer back end sales and a built in sales team, you can benefit from monthly commissions and up-sell commissions for the lifetime of any given customer. Selling membership products is definitely a game changer when it come to affiliate marketing because you make an income from each customer, rather than a single commission. But a good model to choose is one in which you have a passion for and can keep doing for the long term. Choosing products which you have no interest in is a short sighted plan. Think about what you would like to do online to generate an income. If you choose to go with your passion, your business will last much longer, and be more successful.

9 Can I Just Sell My Own Products?

Many affiliates create their own products to sell online. However, when you are starting out it is a good idea to learn the basics of marketing first. That way you can start earning more quickly from your affiliate business. I spent a long time creating my own products when I first discovered affiliate marketing. But I didn’t sell anything because of a couple of reasons. Firstly I didn’t research whether my products would have a big enough demand. Secondly I didn’t know how to market them. By joining a program which teaches you how to market products first, you can start making money more quickly. Don’t waste time creating products if you don’t know how to sell them. Marketing is a much more important skill for making money online. Once you know this skill, you can then apply it later when marketing your own products and services. Also your own products will be limited in range. By using an existing product range, you can benefit from products which are already selling. You can choose a program which offers high ticket commission, monthly memberships, back end sales and a built in sales team. Building your own products which offers all of these things not a possibility for most people when starting out.

10 What’s The Point Of Affiliate Marketing?

Some people struggle with the concept of affiliate marketing.They think it sounds too ‘salesy’. When I understood affiliate marketing I immediately found it appealing simply because I needed a flexible way to work around my contract work. I had to drop what I was doing at a moments notice if the phone went. This meant other jobs were awkward to juggle around. No-one wants to employ a ‘flaky’ employee. I wanted to work from my laptop and affiliate marketing gave me that opportunity. For many people this is the reason why they choose affiliate marketing. They can earn an income from their laptop, choose their working hours and not have a boss or place of employment. You don’t have to sell directly to anyone or even talk to a customer. There is no stock to hold. Added to this, the scalability of affiliate marketing which lets you scale up to a global audience and deliver products on autopilot, makes it the best flexible business of the future.


The Bronchial Respiratory Disease

Bronchitis designates the inflammation of the bronchial tree evolving with an excessive mucus secretion. It is an acute or chronic condition caused by bacterial, fungal or viral infections but also by allergens especially smoking.

Acute bronchitis has the signs of a chest cold: fever, dry or mucus expectorating coughing, feeble voice, speak problems, chest pain, nausea, and anorexia. Acute bronchitis is caused by bronchial inflammation is usually self-limiting. Symptoms can sometimes be impossible to detect because of the constricted contractions of the respiratory system. If not treated in delectrician time, acute bronchitis gives complications like chronicisation, asthmatic bronchitis; most dangerous are cases in children, newborns or adults suffering from emphysema.

Long-term smoking can directly lead to chronic bronchitis and different respiratory harming factors can make the bronchial tree vulnerable to bronchitis and fibrosis. Chronic bronchitis is usually connected to the pulmonary emphysema meaning mass pulmonary disruptions.

Treating the bronchitis is mainly done by administering drugs to increase the volume of bronchial tubes, to calm coughing; infection is treated by antibiotics but a complete cure would be also giving up smoking.

Renunciation to smoking can trigger to the resolution of the disease and overturn the consequences of chronic bronchitis. Patients with acute bronchitis must drink large amounts of fluids to assure hydration and humidification of the mucus. Acute bronchitis is easier to treat than chronic cases but must be in time deled with as it can cause major complications if left untreated.

A premature diagnoses and treatment might negatively influence the establishment of the symptoms. The most common treatment is based on antibiotics to combat infection and inhalers are meant to reduce coughing and wheezing. Oxygen therapy is given in severe cases to support breathing.

Physical exercises are important in improving symptoms; aerobic exercise is helpful for sustaining breathing after the cure. Normal walking gives a great deal of help to bronchitis patients. Also cardiovascular sport exercises can ameliorate breathing, calm the patient and fortify muscles.

While the bronchitis attacks, patients are not allowed to eat dairy products as they increase the secretion of mucus and worsen the infection by stimulating the multiplication of bacteria.

Garlic, pepper and chicken stock are recommended during acute bronchitis to dilute the mucus and help its elimination. Eucalyptus aromatherapy calms irritation in the bronchis and lungs improving the respiration. Warm baths and warm compresses applied on the chest clear mucus and stabilize breathing. Patients with bronchitis must really consider giving up smoking and take cautions also against people smoking around them.


From Whence They Came – Jewellery and Accessories Through the Ages

Accessories plural of ac·ces·so·ry (Noun) A thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

Our adoration of accessories has been around for ever, it seems we’ve always been fascinated by adorning ourselves with precious metals, stones and amulets whether it be to express our wealth, improve our outfit or ward of some evil spirit, disease or wrong doing.

From Egyptian queens, Greek goddesses and roman socialites jewellery has been adorned to enhance an outfit to display ones wealth and standing in society since the recording of history began and far beyond. Not satisfied to adorn themselves only when living Egyptians aristocracy were known for loading the arms, the fingers, the neck, the ears, the brow, and the ankles of their dead with more or less costly ornaments.

The quantity of jewellery buried in tombs was so considerable that even that of a minor king such as the boy King Tut was worthy of a king’s ransom. Much of the funerary jewellery was made merely for show on the day of the funeral, and betrays its purpose by the slightness of the workmanship. The favourite jewels of the deceased person were, nevertheless, frequently buried with him, and the style and finish of these left nothing to be desired.

The earliest known pieces of jewellery made by modern humans are three shell beads dated between  niswa 90,000 and 100,000 years old. Two of the ancient beads come from Skhul Cave on the slopes of Mount Carmel in Israel. The other comes from the site of Oued Djebbana in Algeria. The finds, which pre-date other ancient examples by 25,000 years, are described in the US journal Science.

The pea-sized items all have similar holes which would have allowed them to be strung together into a necklace or bracelet, researchers believe.

These early pieces of jewellery symbolise a huge shift in the development of modern humans.

In an article for the BBC Professor Chris Stringer of London’s Natural History Museum states

“The interesting thing about necklaces and this kind of behaviour is that it is symbolic. When we wear items like this, we are sending a message,The message may be that we are powerful, or wealthy, or sexy, that we’re part of a particular group, or to ward off evil. They’re not just decorative; we think they had a social meaning.”

Well things certainly haven’t changed much, after 100,000 years it seems that we aren’t far removed from our ancestors after all!!

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3 Easy Ways to Rescue Your Target Market With

In sales, in order to match the proper product or service to a customer’s direct need or desire, there is something that all master sales professionals must do. That is… ask the right questions.

The Socratic method has never been more pertinent as it is in sales and marketing. Seeking to understand before being understood should be every direct marketer’s creed.

After you’ve already asked – both yourself and your customers – the right questions, here are three tips that will help match your direct marketing solutions to your customer’s major problems:

1) Know your business. You probably already know your business extremely well. Even if you do, it would only benefit you to review. It’s definitely worth the investment of your time. Having a solid grasp of your core competencies better than anyone else instills confidence and credibility from your customer’s perspective.

You’re not the only one that needs to be on point when it comes to self-awareness…
Freelance copy writers… business consultants… researchers… list brokers… All key personnel should make it a priority to know and intimately understand what your business does and who it does it for.

Knowing this will also give you a clear understanding of what your business is not and will help identify limits, as well as areas for growth and opportunity.

2) Know AND care about your customer’s business. “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”. – Theodore Roosevelt

Getting familiar with your customer’s business isn’t so you can brag about how much you know. It’s about wanting to be in a position to serve them better and in ways they’ve yet to experience.

Knowing your customer will also lead to a deeper level of engagement in the future; something that is not easy to achieve with the decreased attention spans of most consumers in today’s market.

3) Provide meaningful information. Nobody needs another blog or eBook to read. There isn’t enough time in the day and there is a sea of information that is readily available to your customers whenever they feel so inclined to search for it. Information must be highly valued in the mind of your customers. By putting your high value information out there, you’ll have an exact idea of what it is your market is looking for, and your customers will hold your company in higher esteem.

After you’ve taken the time to get to know your market… you’ve studied the landscape… you’ve taken pains to understand the major issues and concerns… NOW you can custom tailor direct marketing solutions for your customers.

Whether you relate to them through direct mail, email, or your website, you’re in a position to bring valuable and actionable information to your target market.

Once you help your customers solve their problems, you have become their hero. You have come to their rescue in ways that nobody else has. You have become their “go to” player!

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The Road To Morocco – Part II

The King And I – When All Hell Breaks Loose

In this ordinarily peaceful country, there are numerous attempts on the life of former King Hassan II. I am present for two of them. Mom is safely back home in the states when Ambassador Rockwell and dozens of other diplomats attend an outdoor birthday party for King Hassan at his summer palace by the sea.

Though it is a stag celebration, I’m there to take photos for our embassy newsletter. I’m outside the main area with the rest of the minor staff when we hear gun shots and screams coming from the other side of the wall. We’re ordered to lie face down on the gravel and not raise our heads. In a reversal of allegiance, one of the king’s most trusted friends, General Mohamed Oufkir, is leading a military revolt to assassinate him and  jinnahtutors  overthrow the monarchy.

When your face is squashed into gravel for any length of time, you either suffocate or try to breath through the side of your mouth by furtively turning your head. Some folks lose control of their bodily functions while others lay whimpering and praying. While I’m praying, someone grabs my camera and I never see it again. I love that camera, but I’d gladly swap it for my life. I didn’t survive the Tet Offensive and a year and a half in Saigon only to die in beautiful Morocco-by-the-sea.

Carpe Diem!

Suddenly soldiers loyal to King Hassan II overpower the rebels, seize General Oufkir, and save the monarchy. Ambassador Rockwell is safe, but in the barrage of bullets many other diplomats are killed. The local press claim “the traitor Oufkir is dead from multiple bullet wounds.” Whether suicide or execution remains within the archives of the royal family.

Thuraya and The Spirits

Another attempt on King Hassan’s life happens in the skies over Rabat. Thuraya, the beautiful Moroccan lady who looks after me and my apartment, has left for the day. When mom was here they were great pals, exchanging recipes in the kitchen, and carpet haggling in the souk. One day Thuraya took mom and me to a Hemmam. Similar to a Turkish bath, when we entered the steamy room, a gaggle of women surrounded us and began washing and scrubbing our naked bodies to a fiery glow. It’s amazing what comes off the skin. Later, over glasses of sweet mint tea, we listened to mystical stories about the Sahara. Most Moroccans believe invisible jinn spirits inhabit the desert. I’m soon to find out for myself.

Britannia Rules The (Air) Waves

But now I’m alone in my apartment. No mom. No Thuraya. No jinn spirits. I’m getting dressed for dinner, singing along with Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” when I hear the buzz of an airplane and loud explosions. My terrace windows are directly across the street from the royal palace. They shatter into in a million pieces-glass everywhere. I grab the phone and dial the embassy duty officer. When I relate to him what is happening at the palace, he tells me the king is presently flying back from Paris to Rabat in his private plane. The local radio station has been compromised and our embassy is getting its information via BBC short wave. When I turn on my own Grundig short wave radio I hear about the attempted military coup in the country I am living, from another country outside that country. It’s the 1970s. No cell phones, no internet. Hail Britannia!

The Many Lives of a Cool King

While the palace is being bombed and strafed, four Royal Moroccan Air Force jets fire on the king’s Boeing 727 as it heads for Rabat. They hit the fuselage but do not bring down the plane. An experienced pilot, King Hassan rushes to the cockpit and orders the pilot to give him the controls. Then, disguising his voice, Hassan transmits the following message: “Stop firing. The king has been killed and I am landing the plane.” After landing the plane, the cool cat with nine lives jumps into his car and speeds away, leaving the surprised insurgents once more to be rounded up and arrested by officers loyal to the monarchy. Later, through my shattered windows and smashed flower pots, I watch the king race his little red sports car through the palace gates to safety.

Brief Encounter In A Sea of Tranquility

My footprints are somewhere in the three million square miles of the Sahara’s unforgiving wilderness. Blazing hot, freezing cold, the desert is a riddle of invisible roads and unpredictable quicksand that swallowed African kingdoms and Roman Legions. About 375 miles from Rabat a scorched plain known as the sand seas, or erg, leads to Merzouga, a vast emptiness at the end of the world. The 21st century will bring some tourists. Today there’s just me and three friends.

Once we reach the dunes, we’re in a sand sea of tranquility, where spending a night or two in pure silence can put you in an altered state. Walking over the thousand foot dunes, I stray from my friends and I’m lost. My cries for help are muffled by mountains of sand. In the shimmering white heat, everywhere looks the same as everywhere else. Someone once told me, “when you think you’re heading east you could be heading west!”

In the stillness I can hear the steady thump of my heart. A sudden lusty wind whistles down the dunes, blows sand in my face and obscures the sun. I think, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be buried alive; they’ll never find me. Don’t think about water. Don’t think about water.’ From out of the shimmering haze, a lone figure is walking toward me. In desert lore, jinn spirits can take many forms. Moving in that undulating rocking gait they do when on the dunes, a young Berber boy beckons me to follow him. With his pet Monitor lizard trailing behind him on a string, the boy guides me back to my companions. He knows exactly where he is. It is his ancestral home. I have miles to go before I figure it out.

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The Whys and Wherefores of IT Managed Services

More and more organisations are choosing to hire specialised IT Managed Services suppliers showing that these services are gaining popularity. Perhaps you are wondering what exactly Managed Support Services are and whether you should be joining the bandwagon. It is quite possible that the primary reason organisations opt to outsource is that it is cost-effective however there are many other motivations and benefits which are not often mentioned.

Let us consider the needs that a company has when it comes to the provision of adequate IT Support for all their end-users. Typically, they will require at least a helpdesk that is preferably offered 24×7, proactive monitoring to provide alerts prior to the occurrence of issues and administration of all the hardware – servers, desktops, laptops, printers – software, et al. There is plenty more  Digital Marketing Agency in USA that goes into keeping the IT infrastructure functioning smoothly and all companies will not have the knowledge, time or skills necessary.

Is outsourcing the only course available? Of course not, there are a number of alternatives but one must check the viability of each of these solutions and choose whatever works best for your company. We will take a look in detail at a couple of options.

One method of providing the support is to hire qualified and experienced IT professionals who can manage the entire organisation’s IT set-up. According to research, one IT person is sufficient per 40 personnel. Taking that at face value if a business were to have a one-man IT department in one of their smaller offices with less than 40 employees, they will face the following challenges. It is likely that he will get snowed under by the demands on his time as he faces certain time periods of constant demand. He will be forced to deal with dilemmas where he does not have the requisite know-how. If they do manage to get someone who is capable of handling the entire range of wide and varied IT problems, he will obviously come at a premium cost. There are the additional challenges of a lack of support when he is off on holiday or due to sickness or even when there are two pressing matters that he has to resolve.

Another method would be to partner with an IT company who sends in somebody as and when there is a need and pay them by the hour. This may seem to be an ideal situation however this too has its set of hassles. In this scenario, the arrangement becomes more profitable when the IT partner’s resources spend more hours working on requests and hence, they could unnecessarily take longer to fix something. Additionally, as they are only called in for reactive support, the business find itself many times ending up with its systems going down and having to work against the clock to bring them up again whilst its entire set-up will not be receiving full, proper proactive support. There will be the costs associated with the loss of productivity of all employees affected by the downtime in addition to being billed to get everything back to normal. The total expenditure will end up being much higher than if the organisation had pre-emptively detected and rectified the issue. Also, as it is used only as a break-fix remedy, the supplier will have to wait for something to break prior to fixing it.

So, is there really a better alternative that works profitably for both the supplier and the outsourcer? Yes, we believe that the solution is to work with an IT Managed Services firm. Here, the payment is for a service and not for the number of hours that anyone has spent working for the business. Hence, the company can be certain that speed to arrive at and implement a resolution will be equally of the essence to the service provider as to the organisation when downtime strikes. Also, since they will be continually monitoring the IT infrastructure, quite a few glitches will be prevented before they crop up. The company will no longer be dependent on a single IT staff member’s skill-sets and availability and they will find that their cost-savings will be the sum of having more uptime and reduced over-all spend on the service itself. When the business hands over the job to a specialist, they can rest assured that everything is in the hands of experts who are familiar with all the intricacies involved.


Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of Internet marketing that allows the readers to notify, advertise, or solicit certain activities from

their subscribers.

Why Your Business Must Employ Email Marketing

The cost is extremely affordable, and you can email your targeted audience on any day. infoninja This makes email a remarkably powerful way.

When you can make a robust email marketing campaign, you’re sure to construct an audience of highly participated lovers who

cannot await your following letter to reach their inboxes. Additionally, they are all set to purchase whenever you’ve got a product or service to promote. There are numerous compelling reasons why you want to begin applying email marketing for your small business.

Generates Massive ROI

A dollar spent in email marketing. Marketers have always ranked email marketing as the most effective way of creating consciousness, acquiring leads, creating earnings, and enhancing customer retention compared with other marketing and advertising approaches most commonly used.

Generates Long-Term Outcomes

In 2010, the firm MarketBeat first began amassing opt-ins. For their newsletters. Nearly two years after a Fantastic number of readers that signed up during the year continue to see.Their content, participate with their advertisers, and purchase products and services from their small business. Your email listing is a long-term advantage that will continue to produce earnings and social funds for your company well into the future.

Most Clients Want Email from Businesses

MarketingSherpa ran a study that revealed that 72 percent. U.S. consumers state that email is their preferred approach. They also found that 61 percent of customers prefer to receive promotional emails more often

Also, 70 percent of customers say they will always open.Email from their favorite businesses. 95% of individuals who opted to get an email from manufacturers state that the marketing emails they get are incredibly helpful.

Email is Universal

Nearly 87 percent of those U.S. population has access to this.Internet in their home and 95% of customers use email.With email marketing, you do not need to worry if your targeted audience has email.

It is a Resilient Technology

Internet accessibility, and 25 years before the first iPhone, have been released. Regardless of the planet’s enormous number of technological advancements and also the proliferation of smartphones, private computers, and tablet computers, the technical criteria for email possess only been upgraded a small number of occasions.

Email Marketing Can Be Federated

Instagram, You’re at the mercy of both firms whose finest

interests are not aligned with yours.

You can put a great deal of energy, time, and money into creating an

the audience on these platforms to have that stage to change the principles in a manner that kills the sustainability of your campaign. This won’t ever be the situation with email because of nobody control within the technology infrastructure enables email to be delivered into the planet’s six billion inboxes.

Email marketing may continue to become among the best and most flexible advertising and marketing approaches for brick-and-mortar businesses and electronic companies. It’s challenging to match the possible ROI offered by email marketing. Your attempts will continue to create earnings well into your future.

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Email Marketing for Success

We all know that when it comes to internet marketing for your business, one area of focus is driving traffic to your website. Additionally, most marketers and website owners want to keep track of how many unique visitors and hopefully new customers they are receiving. However, one thing most people don’t think about is following up with the customers and site visitors they already have. Many people don’t realize how beneficial follow-up/email marketing can be long-term. ciaza-objawy In fact, follow-up marketing can be fundamental to your business’s success. Studies show that email marketing can increase revenue and prevent the loss of 64% of your sales. You see, it is generally easier to sell to existing customers than it is to find new customers. That being said, email marketing becomes a hugely powerful marketing tool for business owners.

Over the years, email marketing has often been abused by spammers. However, despite such abuse, email is still very much valuable and valued by subscribers. Email marketing serves as a medium to notify former customers of timely deals, offers, and opportunities. Once subscribers to your website make a purchase, they are more apt to purchase again through a follow-up email. Follow-up or email marketing is based on having credibility with your customers and building trust with them. Now with email marketing, many people opt to use an auto-responder and have an auto-responder account. Auto-responders allow for quick, consistent, and personalized email follow-ups. Most newbie marketers don’t realize it takes around 7 times of contacting potential customers to generate a sale. Guru and pro marketers are aware of this and understand that follow-up/email marketing is fundamental to any website’s success. The beauty of auto-responders is that they allow you to put your email marketing campaign on auto-pilot, saving you both time and money. The whole process becomes automatic and you can market with structure and ease. When you want to send out information to your previous customers and subscribers, an auto-responder allows you to create your email content, send out the message, and schedule your delivery dates or times. Additionally, once you have your email marketing campaign set in motion, you can add new messages at any time or promote limited time offers. Auto-responders allow you to touch base with your subscribers, reminding them of your existence and your services.

Building your email marketing list for your auto-responder is not difficult if you have a decent amount of website traffic. Additionally, if your site is informative and your offer various free bonuses or offers you can easily get individuals to subscribe to your list. Remember, if
done right email marketing can be a very successful tool for business owners. But the key is doing it right. You want to offer valuable content and not be too sales pitchy with your marketing emails. Your list will remain loyal to your site as long as you don’t abuse their trust. So when using email marketing, be honest, and only offer products or services you believe in or have tried yourself. As long as your subscribers remain on your email marketing list, you can use follow-up marketing to contact them. Your general profit stems from the multiple sales you make from your re-occurring customers. After your first sale to an individual, you should stay in contact and offer them new products or services of value to them. So you simply, set up your email marketing campaign and reach out to your list consistently, on auto-pilot.



Consider Your Email Subscribers as Royalty

How Can You Make Your Social Network Followers to Subscribe Your List?

It is not at all difficult. You just have to provide them with the reason for joining you. For instance, offer them something for which they would not mind giving their email address is a good idea.

You could offer a how-to guide, special offer or an answer addressing a particular issue or efektywnewbiznesie problem that is bothering your audience, exclusive information or special type of voucher or discount, especially for all your email subscribers.

You must select something that is not only of real value to your email subscribers, but is also of interest to your target audience.

Such actions are not enough to keep your email list active and interested. To avoid losing these valuable connections, you are required to think how you can constantly deliver information that help them remain engaged and persuade them to open the email sent by you.

Consider Your Email Subscribers as Royalty

Customers visiting your offline business or contacting you over the phone, have high expectations that they will be treated rightly and in a special way. Undoubtedly, when you deal with your customers face-to-face, you get recognized for superb customer service and for offering an excellent buying experience. What you should do is, offer the same experience to your email marketing contacts.

When a person heads towards you by subscribing and trusting you with his/her email address, he is in fact conveying you that he likes whatever you are offering and wants to know you more.

Think of it this way, you have been invited by them into their inbox. Therefore, it is your responsibility that this relationship and trust should not be abused by the bombardment of your sales pitches that keep promoting your services and products. You must nurture your email list. Try to be helpful as well as informative and send news and offers, which you consider that they like to know about.

Do not consider your mailing list like a group of faceless names. Keep in mind your ideal customer and exchange thoughts with them one to one. This makes your emails more informative and personal, strengthening the bond with your target audience.

Design a Newsletter

A perfect way to remain in touch with your email list is a newsletter. It gives you an ideal mix of updates, news, information and special offers about your business to develop engagement with the subscribers and enables them to know more about you. Newsletter is also a superb way of encouraging calls to action, may be with limited time offer.

The main purpose is to make available the relevant information, which your ideal clients want to read. However, you should be careful about not to make them bored. The information should be passionate and interesting.

Establish a Strong Bond with Your Subscribers

With the passage of time, your connection with your subscribers will grow. As it becomes stronger, the loyalty of your subscribers to your business increases and consequently, your business sales and profits get a boost. Your company will get new referrals, opportunities and mutually beneficial associations together with building new customer base.

Your Business Gets Repeat Business with Email List

If you do not use the internet world, you might go for placing an advertisement in your local newspaper or investing in flyers or using any other advertising media.

Here, you capture new customer only if a good number of people see your advertisement. However, an email list provides you the opportunity to bond and nurture with your subscribers and in the long run, you successfully form a base of loyal customers who like to purchase from you repeatedly.