Teenagers Guide to Kissing For the First Time

Kissing is a way to connect with another person. A kiss can be intimate yet casual or romantic. There are kisses on the hand, cheek, and lips. Where, 918kiss when, how and who you kiss determines the nature of your relationship with that person.

Kissing on the lips, between lovers is very romantic. A kiss on the lips exchanges your breath and even a little bit of your sole. You open yourself up to another person when you allow him or her to kiss you.

Over time, kissing may become old hat and boring. How are you able to keep the spark and electricity of that first kiss? The first kiss with someone is very special. Every kiss after that first kiss is just a shadow of that kiss. The real trick is knowing where you go from being a stranger to knowing someone well and how to keep kissing exciting. It is easy to learn how to kiss!

There are kissing techniques that you can use to help keep the spark of that first kiss exciting time after time. What can you do to make kissing more enjoyable than it naturally is? Practice kissing techniques!

Moist, soft lips make for an inviting, pleasurable kiss. Keeping a kiss light and playful is usually more enjoyable. Caress the lips and tongue. Do not bite or engage in a wrestling match. Pay attention to where your kissing partner is leading you. Try to match his or her style.

The best way to train your partner how you enjoy being kissed is to kiss them they way you wish to be kissed. You can use your tongue the way you want it to be used on your lips or in your mouth.

Your body is another aspect of kissing that does not always get a lot of attention. Don’t be tense. Use your body to demonstrate the level of passion you are feeling.

Use your hands and arms. Run your fingers through his or her hair. Hold her waist, wrap your arms around him or her. Caress her gently. The shorter person in the kiss should tiptoe a little and hold their head back to make kissing more comfortable when standing. The taller person can spread his legs apart a bit to lessen the height distance as well.

French kissing gets a lot of attention. But it is just a kiss that begins like all other kisses. When you French kiss someone, you press your lips to theirs. Then, slowly you open your mouths and begin to gently explore with your tongues.

As important is having a soft, lubricated mouth is your head position in a kiss. Heads should be tilted to one side. Opposite sides, obviously, because you do not want to lean in only to bump noses with your kissing partner.

Eyes open or closed? That is a good question. Well you should do whatever feels comfortable for you. Most people close their eyes when they make contact. Sometimes it is pleasurable to make eye contact during a kiss and can build the intensity of a kiss.

Kissing someone is a cooperative effort, if you will. Intimacy can only be achieved on the mutual agreement between two people. The best thing to remember is to relax and enjoy kissing.


Top Online Slots Manufacturers

In the online gambling market, there are dozens of developers and operators out there. Each has its own specialties, choosing to focus its attention on a particular type of game. There are several that specialize in the development of online slot machines, and here is an overview of the best of these manufacturers.

In recent years, ‘MicroGaming’ has emerged as one of the most prolific slots developers in the online world. slotxo The company releases games on a regular basis in order to keep players at its online casinos engaged and interested. With its vast collection of games, you would think that the company prioritizes quantity over quality, but this is not the case – MicroGaming works hard to produce some of the highest-quality slots games in the online casino world. It is best known for several of its games, including Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck and Lord of the Rings. The company has also created several game-changing innovations, such as the All Pays slot machine, which does not have any pay lines and offers players 243 ways to win with each spin.

Rival Gaming is also becoming a force to be reckoned with in the online gambling universe. Although this company is relatively new on the scene, it is this fresh perspective that has allowed Rival to compete with more established names. The developers at Rival have a forward-thinking approach to creating slots games, always searching for new and innovative ways to engage players. From this unique train of thought, the I-Slot was born, an interactive slots game that unfolds a story as the game progresses.

‘PlayTech’ is another very established brand that has captivated players with its online slot machines for years. The company has become renowned for producing high-quality slots games that provide players with the unique experience to immerse themselves in new worlds. ‘PlayTech’ is a top manufacturer of Marvel slots games, a highly popular series that has garnered the attention of thousands of fans. Including games like X-Men, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man slots. In addition, the popularity of these titles has been catapulted by the success of the recent blockbuster movies based on Marvel Comics superheroes.

There are several other slots developers out there in the online gambling universe, but these manufacturers have emerged as the top choices for players. As such, the games they provide are offered at a wide range of online casinos, which offer only the highest quality of online slot machine software to players from around the world.


Raw Organic Milk Versus Brand Name Store Bought Milk

Raw milk. Many people hear that and immediately associate it with bacteria. The fact is raw organic milk not only supplies you with the calcium and vitamin D that your body needs, it even acts as a medicine to cure many ailments. Those of you who have labeled yourself as “lactose intolerant” can now take those words out of your vocabulary. I always labeled myself as having this problem until I started making healthier choices for myself. I switched to organic food and products two years ago and my life has become better because of it. Raw milk has also become part of my diet.

I dealt with stomach problems milkmanblackpool for many years. There was actually a period of about two years when I would have an upset stomach after practically anything I ate. I lost too much weight and started to lose some of my hair due to malnourishment. I tried to include more fiber in my diet and that helped a little but not completely. I avoided milk products all together, which was difficult for a cheese lover and I switched to organic food. My stomach problems became non-existent. I didn’t miss milk but I knew I should be drinking it for nutritional purposes.

I can honestly tell all of you who are on a “diet” that this is not skim milk but it will not make you gain weight. Skim milk is a crock. The chemical filled and nutritionally deprived products that people consume make them gain weight because the toxins don’t allow the body to properly get rid of waste. That is why fat gathers in certain areas of the body and not others. Fat free, low fat, no carbohydrates, rah, rah, rah, it’s all a joke. All you need to do is eat and drink organic to maintain a healthy weight that will not fluctuate. You can have chocolate, chips- anything you choose as long as it’s organic. Counting calories and factoring fat content will be a thing of the past. You’ll think back at all the times you did this and laugh realizing how ridiculous it was. The media and doctors have everyone obsessed with this pattern of thinking while they’re telling you to eat foods that are full of toxins as long as they’re low fat or fat free, etc. It’s time to take control of your own health because no one is going to do it for you.

Why don’t we hear more about the benefits of raw organic milk? You need to search for these benefits because they’re certainly not advertised. The brand name companies that provide mass quantities of milk to grocery stores would be out of business if everyone stopped buying it, so it doesn’t benefit them to tell you about it. It doesn’t benefit doctors to tell their patients because they wouldn’t be able to prescribe you with the medicine that’s pushed on them by drug companies. Pharmaceutical companies in turn wouldn’t be raking in the revenue they’ve grown so accustomed to. Small businesses like farms would benefit, but their voice is smaller. Most farms sell raw organic milk by word of mouth rather than advertisements.

Raw milk should be from grass fed cows only. It should also be certified as organic because it is tested for safety on a regular basis and it is tested randomly without notice. If the bacteria count in the milk is too high, the seller’s license is taken away until it is tested again and approved. This is not to say that this milk is not healthy if it has a high bacteria count as most farmers would still drink it themselves, but these are the rules.

Raw organic milk reduces belly fat, lowers cholesterol and lowers your body’s resistance to insulin. It contains the enzymes that your body needs to break down lactose so people like me do not get sick. This milk contains phosphate as well as 21 other amino acids. Phosphate allows your body to absorb calcium better. Enzymes and natural antibodies in raw organic milk from cows that are grass fed break down pathogens like Salmonella, E. Coli and listeria. Pasteurization destroys phosphate. It destroys enzymes that fight bad bacteria and break down lactose. It leaves nothing behind including essential vitamins like A, B, B12 and C. You want to talk about getting sick, try a bad glass of pasteurized milk. Raw organic milk has the saturated fat your body needs to coat your vital organs and to secrete the hormone in your stomach that tells your brain when you’re full. Low fat/No fat foods and drinks don’t have the fat you need for your body to do this, so they contribute to overeating. Raw organic milk raises metabolism, aids your body to rid of waste (taking the pressure off of your pancreas), boosts up your immune system and helps to prevent colon cancer. It cures psoriasis, pregnancy cramps and scurvy. It has also been known to improve pulmonary tuberculosis.

Once I learned all of this information, I became curious. This past summer I decided to venture out on a trip to a farm that’s about 40 minutes away from where I live in central Massachusetts. I went there because I heard about the benefits of drinking raw organic milk. They sell the certified raw organic milk produced by their pampered Jersey cows that are strictly grass fed. The areas where the cows were grazing were clean and the cows looked very healthy and happy. I loaded up my cooler with the large canning jars full of fresh milk that cost $4.50 per half gallon. I was amazed when I got home and took my first sip of this delectable refreshment! I couldn’t believe it. It doesn’t taste anything like that disgusting, cheesy and creamy whole pasteurized milk that you buy at the store. The texture is like velvet and it tastes just like melted ice cream only not as thick and without the excessive sweetness. People, you don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t tried this yet! I have to admit I was very nervous about how my stomach would react due to being previously traumatized by milk products. Needless to say, not only did my stomach not undergo any adverse reactions, it was settled completely. I can now supply my body with the nourishment it needs and I no longer have that wrenching pain.

The brand name milk that is carried in grocery stores could be from anywhere and could have contained anything including blood before the pasteurization process. This process allows the sale of mass quantities of milk containing anything that can be covered up or removed. It is pasty white rather than a natural cream color. The cows that produce the milk may be fed corn that is difficult for them to digest, even with their four stomachs. The corn causes them to eat less and produce more milk so it cuts down on cost. Many of the cows are injected with synthetic hormones like rBGH that is linked to cancer. They may also be milked until their utters are raw, bleeding or even infected. The federal government still sees raw organic milk as a health hazard and has left the decision up to individual states as to whether they will allow it in their grocery stores. I think we’re slowly becoming aware that it is not a hazard at all, but beneficial to our overall health and generally much safer.

The purchase of store bought organic milk that is not raw is on the rise in spite of the fact that the amount of milk people consume has remained consistent. It also costs about twice as much. Considering the economy, I would say that people are really becoming dedicated to moving forward with their health and are starting to make better decisions for themselves. Consumers are becoming more informed and are less likely to rely on the government and their doctors to tell them what is healthy and what is not. Perhaps this is the beginning of a change for the better.

The only difficult thing about drinking raw organic milk is that most of us can’t just mosey on down to the local grocery store after work and buy it. I’ve been waiting for the day I watch the local Boston news and find out Massachusetts grocery stores will start to carry my milk. Most states do not carry raw organic milk in their grocery stores so you need to go straight to the source. This is not convenient for those of us who live in the city but you can usually find a few people in your area that will be willing to share the trips so you don’t have to drive there every week. The farm I visited actually had fliers posted with the phone numbers of local people who are willing to connect with others in their area to do this. That’s how good this milk is. My only fear is what I will do in the winter when the cows produce less milk and the New England roads are covered in snow!

Interesting Facts:

· Raw milk is sold in grocery stores in 24 states.
· Starbucks uses milk that is rBGH free.
· People have been drinking milk since 6,000-8,000 B.C.
· Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Canada stopped buying and selling milk from cows injected with rBGH because of mastitis problems.
· Famous physician Sir William Osler called raw milk “white blood” because of its health benefits.
· Virologist Albert Sabin created his oral vaccine for polio from cow colostrum since it contains many powerful antibodies.
· Raw milk from cows that are fed mostly grain cannot protect itself against pathogens like the milk from cows that are 100% grass fed.
· CLA is a fatty acid and anti-carcinogen found in raw milk that has many powerful benefits like battling rheumatoid arthritis.

Dish Network offers several health, fitness and alternative news channels that


A Hiring Top Talent Checklist

When the supply of top candidates falls short of demand, you’ll need to rethink how you find, recruit, and hire top talent. The following checklist will help. Under conditions of talent scarcity, if you do the following steps as described, you will hire more top talent and close each search faster than ever before. Eliminate or compromise any one of them and talent quality and your personal productivity will suffer. This process is described in detail in my book, Hire With Your Head, but I thought this checklist would be a useful summary.

A Checklist for Hiring Top Talent

Implement a Bottoms-up vs. toptrendpk Top-down hiring process. Most hiring processes are designed to weed out weak candidates rather than attract top performers. Consider how your job descriptions are written, how ATS systems are designed, and that hiring managers expect candidates to come in overwhelmed by the opportunity to work at your company. If you want to hire top people, you need to redesign every aspect of your hiring process to accommodate their needs, not somebody’s in comp, IT, or legal. This is Marketing 101 – be customer-driven. A big employer brand can hide these weaknesses. If you’re only seeing top people, it really doesn’t matter whom you hire.
Don’t use job descriptions to describe the work – prepare performance profiles instead. Performance profiles list the major performance objectives of the job and include a clear employee value proposition. Top candidates decide to apply for, consider, and accept those jobs that offer the most stretch, satisfaction, and career opportunity. A performance profile captures it all. A job description captures none of it. Worse, job descriptions preclude the chance of hiring top people. For one thing, they’re boring. For another, many top people have less of the requisite skills listed. That’s why they’re top people.
Understand how top people in your job class decide when and how to look for new career opportunities. The best medical sales reps, senior executives, three-year CPAs, marketing managers, and every other top person, don’t look for jobs the same way most people do. You need to develop a mini-sourcing plan for each job type that includes, among other items, the niche job boards some might use, your employees they might know, the mentors they’ve had, their possible LinkedIn connections, what types of work they like to do, the groups they join, and the recognition they’ve received. On top of all this consider when and how they look. For example, if 75 percent of them find jobs through networking and you’re using SEO advertising, by the time you find them, they’ll already have another job.
Prepare compelling job-specific advertising based on the intrinsic motivators of top performers in that class of job. One size does not fit all. What works for retail clerks won’t work for sales reps or accountants or managers or anybody else, for that matter. A CEO most likely wants to turn around a company; a counselor wants to turn around a life. A top retail clerk might want the flexibility to pursue a degree, while a top engineer might want to design the latest widget. You need to capture this in your job title and in your first paragraph of your online posting.
Don’t sell the job, sell a career discussion. A career move is a big deal. Don’t rush it. Engage with your prospects – especially those that are just beginning a career search – in a discussion about the potential career merits of your open position. If there is one, move the process forward in a slow and methodic fashion. There’s a lot of recruiting that goes on here, but doing this well represents the difference between top recruiters and the other 90 percent.
Use an exploratory interview to gain interest. Career focused candidates are less willing to apply, but quite willing to engage with a hiring manager in a collaborative discussion about the career merits of an open position. It takes a bit of finesse to pull this off, but it starts by first convincing top prospects of the career opportunity and then having the candidates convince you of their capabilities. More important, in the process of convincing you, they’re also convincing themselves.
Ensure everyone on the hiring team understands real job needs. There are few things less professional than different interviewers representing the job differently. This is one sure way to turn off a top prospect.
Use an evidence-based interview and assessment process. Hiring a top person should be a deliberative process with each interviewer sharing evidence about the candidate that confirms the person is a top performer. This should be used in combination with a formal scorecard covering all job needs. Forcing raters to justify their evaluations rather than letting them rely on gut feelings, intuition, or some narrow criteria, ensures the best person gets hired, not the best presenter or the most technically brilliant.
Implement a formal career evaluation process allowing the candidate to compare opportunities. Candidates should also use a formal decision process to compare opportunities. This needs to include all short- and long-term criteria (e.g., job content, compensation, growth opportunities, work/life balance, culture, manager, team, etc.). The company introducing and using this approach will be the only one able to fully present its case. (Contact us if you’d like to learn about this critical step in recruiting top performers.)
Implement a “Raising the Bar” strategy. As the hiring recovery begins in earnest, there will be a tendency to focus on filling positions with the most competent person currently available, rather than the best person possible. This default strategy will quickly lessen the overall talent level of a company, especially if some of its best people voluntarily leave for greener pastures. Quality standards need to be imposed, including a means to override a weaker manager’s hastily made decision.
Using this checklist as a guideline will certainly enable you to find and attract more top talent, and ensure that you hire the lion’s share. Hiring the best in a down economy is no simple matter; in a growing one it requires a complete rethinking of the market. This checklist is a good way to get started.

Lou Adler is the president of The Adler Group and Amazon best-seller author of Hire With Your Head and the audio program Talent Rules! Using Performance-based Hiring to Hire Top Talent. Adler is a noted recruiting industry expert, speaker, and columnist for SHRM, ERE, RCSA, Kennedy Information, and Learn more about Lou Adler’s Performance-based Hiring methodology at: Learn about our training programs for recruiters and hiring managers


An Education In Real Estate Investing Can Be Your Best Investment

There are many people that are venturing out and searching for additional ways to make additional income. That is to be expected when it comes to real estate. Real estate has been a popular investment for many years. Many millionaires made their first million dollars in real estate. So it should come as no surprise that Real Estate Investing is being glamorized by celebrities like Donald Trump and various television shows that depict real estate investing as a big money maker.

Real Estate Investing can be all that استثمار عقاري celebrities and television program make it out to be, but it is not as easy as it looks. Real Estate Investing requires knowledge of different techniques that can be used when trying to buy, sell, negotiate or repair a house. Without this type of specialized knowledge real estate investing can be a monumental disaster.

Having laser specific knowledge can mean the difference between success or failure. Knowledge is what separates those that invest in real estate and those that talk about investing in real estate. The knowledge that is required is not difficult to master. In fact, just about anyone can be a successful real estate investor. I have seen people from all walks of life and educational backgrounds go on to be successful real estate investors. One man that I know and admire very well became a successful real investor despite the fact that he first had to learn how to read. It is possible for anyone to learn how to invest in real estate.

Who should learn more about real estate investing? Anyone that is considering buying property as an investment should become educated before doing so. Rentals, foreclosures, rehabs, lease options and various other techniques are tried everyday by real estate investors. In most cases however, only the investors who have taken the time to educate themselves will be successful.

Also, anyone that is considering buying or selling houses on their own (without a realtor) is at considerable risk of financial loss if they don’t get an education before venturing out into unchartered waters.

There are many different types of educational opportunities. One can always purchase books from the local bookstore to get some advice. There is also a large number of websites that cater to real estate investing. Some of these sites will sell home study courses that, in some cases, give a thorough, explanation, training and education on various real estate investing topics. One may also find coaching and mentoring online to help those that don’t believe they are quite comfortable enough yet to do real estate deals on their own. Some colleges and Universities have also started to teach real estate investing.

It is never too early to start the educational process. Real Estate Investing can be a very lucrative business. It can also bankrupt those that are not ready to invest or that do not understand how to minimize the risks that come with the real estate investing territory. In the end every one that invests in real estate is doing so at their own risk. A proper education in real estate investing is a great way to minimize that risk and start one on a path of financial freedom.

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing. If you want to get started in real estate investing or if you want to give your real estate investing business a huge boost visit []

Rick Hernandez is a successful real estate investor having purchased millions of dollars of investment real estate. He is the President of Real Estate Investors of San Antonio (a professional real estate investment organization) and author of the popular 29 Days To Real Estate Profits and the Real Estate Investment Tips newsletter. You are welcome to share this report, unedited and in it’s entirety, with anyone you like. You may not remove this text. © 2007 by Rick Hernandez. Website:


Trinity – Part One

I recently received an e-mail from someone who visited our church website, examined the articles of faith and then contacted me with a question concerning the Trinity. Based on his inquiry I concluded that he is a modern Modalistic Monarchianist – one who believes that the Father, Son and Spirit are simply modes or operations of God and not three persons. In other words he believes that God “wears different hats” according to the circumstance. This is an ancient heresy which relies upon human reason alone to understand the nature of God and thus rejects all mystery concerning the Godhead.

The orthodox position concerning the Trinity is that God is one God (Deut. 6:4), in three persons (Matt. 28:19). In other words, the Divine Being is of one indivisible essence and yet three individual subsistences (having real being or existence). Thereby the whole undivided essence of God belongs equally to each of the three persons in the Godhead. trinitypsychedelics The divine essence is not separated into three portions and doled out to the three persons in the Godhead, rather, the essence of God with all of its attributes and perfection is altogether present in each one of the three persons of the Trinity.

In the older Testament the doctrine of Trinity is suggested but not fully developed. We find a hint at the very beginning of Scripture when the Creator says “let us make man in our image according to our likeness” (Gen. 1:26, italics added; in this passage, elohiym [god], is the plural form). Obviously this is not a complete development of the doctrine; it does preset the idea of plurality in the Godhead but almost as an aside.

Hence, the Bible does not argue in favor of Trinity as an abstraction but presents the Trinitarian Godhead as a living relationship among the persons of the Deity. This relationship is revealed in the works of creation and providence and especially in the work of redemption. For example, the Angel of Yahweh (preincarnate Christ), identified as a separate person and as God Himself, leads the people of God, brings the law to them and acts as Judge (Gen. 16:7-13, 18:1-21, Ex. 13:21, 14:19-24, 23:20-21, Num. 20:16, Is. 63:9, Acts 7:38,53).

When we encounter the teaching of Jesus Christ and his apostles, we are introduced to a more complete doctrine of Trinity. The older Testament reveals Yahweh as the redeemer and savior (Job 19:25-27, Ps. 78:35, 106:21, Is. 41:14, 43:3,11,14, 47:4, 49:7,26, 60:16, Jer. 14:3, 50:14, Hos. 13:3); the New Testament reveals that it is Jesus Christ who is the redeemer and savior of mankind (Matt. 1:21, Lk. 1:76-79, 2:17, Jn. 4:42, Acts 5:3, Gal. 3:13, 4:5, Phil.3:30, Titus 2:13-14). Throughout the old covenant it is God who dwells among his people and in the hearts of those who are joined to him(Ps. 74:2, 135:21, Is. 8:18, 57:15, Ezk. 36:27, 43:7-9, Joel 3:17,21, Zech. 2:10-11). The New Testament represents the Holy Spirit as dwelling with and in the covenant community of God (Jn. 7:38-39, Acts 2:4, Rm. 8:9-11, 1 Cor. 3:16, Gal. 4:6, Eph. 2:22).

Furthermore, the New Testament informs us that God is the one who sent his Son into the world and that the Father and the Son both send the Holy Spirit. The New Testament reveals an intimate relationship between the Father and the Son and a like intimacy of God’s people with him through the agency of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus Christ was baptized there was a representation of each member of the Trinity and this reality is confirmed by Christ’s command to baptize in “the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matt. 28:19). Indeed the reality of the Trinity is assumed throughout the newer Testament: consider 1 Corinthians 12:4-6 (identifying “the Lord” with Jesus Christ), 2 Corinthians 13:14 and 1 Peter 1:2.

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How to Discover the Categories

You wouldn’t believe how common it is for new sellers to place their items up for auction under categories that are almost guaranteed to help them fail when it comes to eBay. This happens most frequently whenever a seller is placing an item up for auction by using an outdated listing template or is posting more than one item up in bulk. It is baffling to see a seller list his or her collection of DVD listings under ”Electronics” rather than DVD & Movies, but this happens all the time. You would almost believe that these sellers were trying to make their online or small business fail.

Sellers also do not utilize all of the valuable options available to them to ensure their success. Most will opt not to pay to list their items in more than just one category thedogman which can have a catastrophic effect on their resulting profits. Selecting more than one sub-category within your main category simply does not bring you the same amount of exposure as listing your product in more than one category.

The business savvy seller would choose to list his or her DVDs in both the ”Electronics” and the DVD &Movies categories to reach a wider audience. Just make sure that the multiple categories you choose to list your products under me all relevant to your product. If not you can be accused of the following:

– Listing items in deception categories which will put you in violation of the terms or agreement you made with eBay when you signed up to be a seller.
– Wrongly using category titles which can result in eBay’s cancellation of your auction listing.

By listing your items or products under categories that are not applicable you are doing nothing but exposing your items to buyers who could care less about your products. You are wasting your time and money as well as aggravating buyers who you may need to rely on for sale in the future. Always strive to place your items under categories that contains a keyword relevant to your product. These specific categories are shopped regularly by buyers whereas if you were simply to place your product in the ”Other” your product is much less likely to receive the constant attention it needs to succeed.

Your potential profits are relying on the tendencies of buyers who shop on a whim. In order to research this audience, you must find a category that is particular to your product so that these buyers can easily find your product and start bidding and in return you get more subscription and web traffic if you attach your website.

eBay knows the importance of selecting a specific category for your product. Because of this it is a common practice for eBay to add new categories that will fit best with the latest trend of popular products. The online auction site will even tailor its new categories to fit the products currently listing under ”Other” in order to ensure superb sales for its users. Make sure that you keep up with the new and emerging categories and use them to your advantage. For more information on how to increase your web traffic and make overwhelming success in your online or offline business.

John Smart is an online marketer and business consultant whose primary goal is to help people interested in work at home employment and home based business achieve their set goals and desired success… He has written so many blogs and articles reviews involving several home based business opportunities tips, small business, free guides to online success, affiliates marketing, free web traffic and promotion, marketing just to mention a few.

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I Worked in Iraq Housing Construction

During the Iran-Iraq war, I worked for two and a half years in a big French construction company for the project of 4,000 units military housing construction in Mosul, Iraq. Our employment main terms were free foods, accommodations, plane tickets, regular monthly salaries with overtime pay, one month yearly vacation, workers’ camps medical clinics with doctors, nurses and medicines.

During the war, the Iraqi military officers and soldiers had the priorities on food supplies. purchase iraqi dinar During our first two-month days, there were shortages of foods in our workers’ residential camps which were made of portable two-room separated housing, each with airconditioning unit, toilet and bath room. Sometimes we ate rice soups with eggs. The workers, who were not used to family hardship lives, were having tears from their eyes while eating and they decided to resign and go back to their origin country. I was not affected by that kind of hardship because I grown up in a poor family. After two months, the company was able to solve the food problem by importing from other countries.

Big fishes were abundant in the river. Some of the Filipino workers who came back from vacation brought fish nets and enjoying catching fishes after working hours. There were many big wild dogs in the mountains which were threat to the lives of the workers. One French supervisor made hunting dog as his sport on rest days, inviting workers under his supervision to catch dog. The workers were enjoying this kind of sport because some of them were cooking the dog and having party eating it while drinking wine at night.

The residential camp of the French and other European nationals were located separately with the residential camp of the Asian nationals. Some of the French daughters were being courted by Filipinos for being known as good lovers. Courtship between Iraqi women and Filipino workers was also occurring.

On our rest days, we went to different biblical places and had seen the ruins of the king’s kingdom in Nineveh and Nimrod. There were large statues of warriors (in the form like the knights of King Arthur) and a queen made of marbles and stones, partly destroyed. There was a Filipino worker who posed holding the breast of the woman statue for a photo but was scolded by the Iraqi guard. We also had seen the tomb of Sarah and the Tower of Babel. There were many biblical memorable things and places which were destroyed due to wars. Invasions and wars were the legacies of the kings of Babylon in the biblical ancient era. Iraq should have been a very good spot for tourism.

There are two long and huge rivers flowing across Iraq. The Tigris river flowing from Turkey to the juncture with Euphrates river, also flowing from Turkey through Syria and Iraq into the Persian Gulf. Agriculture is good in Iraq due to the natural flow of rivers for irrigation. The country also have large volume of oil deposits. Rich but too much funds were placed to arsenal armory for war. If their agricultural land and oil deposits are fully developed for production, Iraq is a very rich country.

We mingled and met some Iraqi and Kurdis people. There were Christian churches for being allowed. During the years of our employment, Christians and Muslims had good relationship alike. We considered them as good people by the way they treated us. We met some poor family members, recuperated soldiers with amputated legs and arms due to the war. We ate and drank tea with them in their homes which were made of mud or clay. There were days that many soldiers in trucks and tanks on their way to the border with Iran due to their unresolved disputes. Farmers had guns while working in the fields. We were invited in their grape farms and gave us some grape fruits to take home.

The main streets or roads had many large billboards with the pictures of their president Saddam Hussein. They loved, respected and feared their leader. Anyone who opposed or expressed words against his administration will be punished severely or executed.

An Iraqi friend told us that a family having a very old car was very valuable because it would make them entitled to buy a new car. Purchasing vehicle was being controlled by the government.

There were many car accidents because the government was not strict on driver’s license to Iraqi nationals. Some individuals, old and young, were driving without licenses. Some of our friends in the police stations did not know how to drive. Sometimes, they were learning driving using our service pickup car.

One Friday afternoon, our rest day in Arab countries, I noticed the workers arriving from the city, were so happy and excited. They were talking about the movie they saw in the theater. I was so curious to see it myself. I joined them the following Friday. Before the actual movie presentation, they showed a short pornographic film. Sometimes, it was being inserted in the middle of the movie intermission. What I had seen was a group of goons with guns entering the house and raping women. It took around ten to fifteen minutes show.

During our stay in the city working for the housing projects (three years completion), businesses were booming. The government required the foreign nationals to spend thirty percent (30%) of their salaries in Iraq. Money exchange rate of US Dollars were doubled in black market as compared to the actual exchange rate outside of the country. The value of US dollar inside Iraq was very high. While the value of dollar exchange outside Iraq was lower against Dinar. Some of the workers who took their vacations in their countries were coming back to Iraq with US Dollars to exchange it with Iraqi Dinars currency. The Iraqi securities or soldiers were confiscating US Dollars at the borders.

How did they take the money back home? The foreign employer companies suggested to their workers to surrender with receipt their Dinars currency to their employers in Iraq who, in turn, paid in US Dollars in the worker’s country. The companies were also having benefits on this scheme because they were spending Dinar currency in Iraq business operation and having cost savings on exchange rates. There was no need for them to remit dollars to Iraq. They just pay back in Dollars to the family of the worker in his country.

Iraq’s social security benefits were also good. Foreign workers were being paid by Iraqi government Social Security equivalent to one month salary per year of employment. In example, if you worked for two years in Iraq, you are being given equivalent to two months salaries in addition to your regular monthly salaries. Usually, you were being paid when you did not renew your contract to your employer and going back to your home country for good. Furthermore, if you worked for less than one year but more than three months in your last year of employment, it was considered as one month additional social security benefits.

Iraqi hospitals and doctors’ medical services was still below international standard during that time. Some foreign workers were dying in the hospital due to wrong diagnostic results. Some workers died in the hospital due to appendicitis operation. There was a Filipino worker diagnosed of having an appendicitis. He refused to be operated in any Iraqi hospital. He was even advised by the hospital doctor that if not operated, he will die in his travel by airplane before arriving to his country. The worker preferred to go back to his country. In the Philippines, the diagnose of the doctor was kidney problem and prescribed medicine tablets to melt the kidney stone. He was cured without operation. Thereby, some foreign workers having medical problems preferred to go back to their country for medication.

The above story were based on my actual employment stay experience in Mosul Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war.

Recently, there are so many changes in the lives of the Iraqi people – their attitudes, standard of living, Christians and Muslims relationships, divided beliefs for peace and freedom and their feelings affected by war during their invasion to Kuwait and lost against the American allied forces.

I wish that the formation of the new Iraqi government administration leaders could address their needs, peace, real democracy, as well as to show that they could also contribute peace and harmonious social relationships around the world.

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