Diet Tea Pills – Its Pros and Cons

With the hectic lifestyle that we lead, we want to do things as fast as we can and dieting is one of those  Best male enhancement pills things that we need to have done. With the advent of diet pills there is no need to brew, steep and pour your tea because you only need to pop it in your mouth and take a gulp of water. In anything, especially in taking pills or any medications, there are always the pros and the cons. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of taking diet tea pills:

The Pros

1. Same Benefits. It is said that the benefits derived from taking loose leaf tea and diet tea pills are the same. This would mean that the medicinal and weight loss benefits we get from drinking tea made of loose leaf are the same as those contained in diet tea pills. Then this would make it easier for people to take the pills than having to prepare the brew before you can even drink it.

2. Medicinal Benefits. Taking diet tea pills will also provide the medicinal benefits such as: lowers cholesterol levels, helps detoxify the body, strengthens the immune system, anti-bacterial properties, lower the risk of cancer, lower arthritis and other joint problems, and a powerful anti-oxidant.

3. Weight Loss. Diet tea pills can increase metabolism and burn fats resulting in weight loss. It is also easier to lose weight because you only need to take the pills twice or three times a day and you can do it anywhere you are.

4. Skin Rejuvenation. Using diet tea pills will help in smoothing and rejuvenating the skin giving you a soft, clear, young and healthy skin.

5. Cost. Compared to the cost of loose leaf tea, diet tea pills cost much lower than loose leaf tea.

The Cons

Starvation. Diet tea pills will starve you. The purpose of diet pills is to make you lose your appetite to eat which in return will make you lose weight. But the problem with diet pills is that when you take eat before eating you tend not to eat at all and starve you such that when you get the urge to eat the more that you overeat.
Expensive. Diet tea pills are quite expensive. Even with the offers for a 60-day trial or the buy-one-take-one deals, the pills can be very expensive when you total how much you will need to take for a certain period of time to make you lose this much weight. Some people may lose weight as much as 10 to 15 pounds a month but others just can’t. So you will need to compute how much weight you need to lose first and the quantity of pills you need to take before you get to reach your desired weight.
Short Term. Taking diet tea pills may make you lose weight but once you stop taking them you gain everything back. Once you reach your desired weight and stop taking the diet pills then you tend to get back all the weight you have lost.
Dependency. Once you start taking diet pills then you get hooked on it and would not do or try out other means of losing weight. You become dependent on the pills and would continue to use it because you can eat anything you want, chocolates, ice cream and double burgers included.
Market Pull-out. There are times when some pills are released in the market not as diet pills but as supplements and when it undergoes validation by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) is found out to be falsely declared or harmful for human consumption if taken continuously. Then the FDA has to order the pull out of the pills from the market. For users, it is a waste of money.
Dangerous. There have been reports in the past of cases wherein people who have used these pills suffered heart attacks. Some of these pills will increase your heart rate and might cause your heart to give in. Taking these pills is taking the risk of suffering a heart attack or worst, death.
Caffeine. Diet pills may be loaded with caffeine to make your energy levels soar. When your energy level is high, then you will not sleep or rest and you can go on exercising without any trouble. However, when energy level is high then your heart will pump faster which may also cause a heart attack if your heart cannot take the stress.
Addictive. You may become addicted to the diet pills because either you do not want to gain back the weight you have lost or you get addicted to the energy high you get whenever you take the pills.
Well it looks like the cons far outweighs the pros but then it is really up to the user which would be more effortless or uncomplicated for him/her. Losing weight should be done in a natural and healthy way and as long as you are aware of the contents of those pills and that you are assured that it is all natural then there isn’t really anything wrong with taking them.

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