Gmail Marketing – Low Cost Per Click With High Conversions

Advertising with AdWords can be very expensive if you don not know what you are doing. Most beginners go out and target high traffic keywords and try to just ad a hop link from those sites to drive traffic to there affiliate page. They usually only choose a product that has low payouts and are basic products. gewinnspielbob Then they end up paying too much for the leads they are generating and eventually give up. That is the wrong way to do it and a few pros have figured out a way to have highly targeted traffic and very low CPC. Some CPC is even as low as.05 cents. This then enables you to have a high ROI (return on investment)

4 Things you can do before you start your AdWords campaign to target Gmail is to:

1. Of course you want to find a product that you know has a high conversion rate. If you are having trouble finding a product you can go to and just checking out the market place to see what is available.

2. Once you have the product you want to start learning how your market thinks and what kind of catch phrases they use. This will come in very handy when you start your AdWords campaign

3. Knowing how your market thinks is the main thing. You can do some basic research on such sites as or

4. After you get a feel for how your market thinks and what kinds of catch phrases they are using you need to find the ways to market to g-mail particularly.

After you have set up your AdWords account you can then start to target Gmail specifically. This technique is being used by a select amount of people and is very lucrative if you can find out the secrets from these “gurus” There are many people out there selling products for this technique but most are $97-$150 and they have limited amounts of people that can purchase it at a time. This makes it hard for people like us trying to learn how to do this kind of stuff, because when it comes down to it we all want to make the most amount of money possible without having to invest a whole ton of money into advertising.

Some secrets the pros use is a technique called the phrase method. This is where instead of targeting regular keywords you choose phrases like:

“advertise on AdWords”

you would use phrases like

“paying too much for AdWords”

Then when someone in Gmail sends an email with the keywords such as “I am paying to much for AdWords” your ad would appear and be highly targeted. This is a very powerful method as many other that these gurus are using. It is a highly protected secret among internet marketers because if this method was over sold the market would become saturated and you would not be able to get the low CPC that is available with this method now.

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