In this whisper I’m offering you yet another ‘door into your mind’ for you to walk through. If you choose to walk in and observe your wonderful mind from this new level you will love this.

Many self improvement teachers knowprogram latch onto the word ‘believe’ in their work and tell us how important it is to believe this, believe that.

My observation has been that if we have to try and believe something it brings a sense of doubt into our mind.

Doubt robs our power to control our mind, and our life, so trying to believe something involves lots of misdirected energy and effort.

But if we decide to truly KNOW something in our mind doubt disappears and no energy or effort is required to really know it.

As an example, do you ever have to believe that the sun will rise each day? Of course not. You absolutely know it will rise? There is no mental energy or effort required to know this.

When you get in your car to drive do you have to believe you can do it? Do you have to expend effort to go through all the motions and thoughts to drive? No.

You KNOW you can drive. Without any energy or effort or doubt involved.

When you only try to believe something a feeling of doubt is there. When you KNOW something there is no feeling of doubt. KNOWING something is 100% FEELING it surely happens.

One of the languages of your powerful subconscious mind is FEELINGS. When you KNOW something in your mind you send powerful messages to your subconscious that this is truth and this gives you a power to make things happen in your life.

Now when you want to communicate your life desires to your subconscious you have to slow down and KNOW, with FEELING, that these desires are going to come into your life.

They may not be there in your reality yet, but if you visualized and felt them and created them in detail in your mind and KNOW you have done this then you have used the language of your subconscious mind to plant the seeds.

You cannot just believe your desires are coming to you. You have to KNOW they are coming. This is a big difference many people miss when using the Law of Attraction.

When you only believe you can create your desires in life it is only on an intellectual belief level. When you KNOW you have the power to create what you want in life you transfer to a level of living this KNOWING through FEELINGS.

This type of KNOWING becomes your reality.

Stop using the word believe and shift to the word KNOW when you want anything in life.

KNOWING is your power, belief is weakness and doubt.

If you say “I KNOW I will” you are thinking and creating from position of certainty, power, strength and conviction.

If you say “I believe I will” you are thinking and creating from a position of doubt, weakness, worry, stress, fear, anxiety.

Can you FEEL the difference? This is a small subtle, but powerful, change in your thoughts but can make a huge difference in your life going forward.

If you want to believe you will have more money, a nicer home, a better job, your perfect love, better health, peace of mind, then your subconscious mind will bring you more of only wanting to believe.

If you KNOW you can have all your desires by opening your mind and feelings and understanding this principle of truly KNOWING, your subconscious will move heaven and earth to bring what you desire into your life.

To KNOW something is to have it in your mind with no doubt. To FEEL it. You cannot have in your reality what you do not have in your mind first and KNOW for sure it is on its way to you.

To only believe it is to not have it. To never have it.

To KNOW is a guaranteed success. To believe is almost guaranteed failure.

Whatever you want in life or want to do, start using the words “I KNOW I can.” If you use the words “I believe or I think I can” you will now notice a feeling of weakness.

When you use the words “I KNOW I can” you will now notice a feeling of power and certainty and strength.

This can be a complicated concept for many and I’ve tried to simplify it here in this short piece but I suggest re-reading this whisper again to fully allow your mind to open this wonderful door and allow its power to seep into your mental makeup.

Simply OBSERVE this concept to start. Don’t JUDGE it in any way. You are only LOOKING at this for now. Re-read and let it sink in deeply.

… Enjoy The Whisper

Doug Allan Dammeier is an award winning writer, Life Coach, Father & Grandfather, and lives in the mountains of western Washington state, USA. For more of his Whispers (interpretations of life) he has a new FB page

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