Send the Right Message With Bottle Labels

For home brewers, winemakers or even people looking to give out personalized water bottles at weddings or events, the first step in customizing the bottle is to determine the perfect label material,” according to Dave Carmany of Ultimately, the label material selected should depend on a few major factors; the type of printer used in creating the labels, the type of bottle it will be applied to, the design being printed on the label as well as how the bottle will be used.

The following list of label materials are among the most popular used for bottle labeling as noted by Carmany:

Weatherproof Labels

o Weatherproof material is available Designer bottles uk in both inkjet and laser printers.

o The durable weatherproof label (also known as waterproof) has a permanent adhesive and is the perfect material for any bottle that may be submerged in ice or water.

White Gloss Labels

o Gloss material is available for either laser or inkjet printers.

o The gloss label material will produce photo-quality results and is the perfect label material when printing pictures or high-resolution images.

Metallic (Foil) Labels

o Silver or gold foil labels are designed for laser printers.

o The metallic finish of this label materials will provides a high-end, luxurious look to any type of bottle, especially wine or beer bottles.

After the label material has been selected, designed and printed, the next most important step is to ensure the label is correctly applied to the bottle. The following steps are the easiest way of applying the label to the bottle:

1. Place the bottle on a surface that will not allow it to roll, such as a lap with knees holding the bottle securely in place. Point the top of the bottle at 12 o’clock away the body.

2. Carefully peel the corner of the label under the seam away from the protective backing.

3. Grasp the label lightly on both ends and align horizontally with the label area on the bottle. Press the label on the bottle at the center of the label and smooth from the center of the label away to one side, and then from the center of the label away to the other side.

4. Smooth all the edges down to eliminate any air pockets or creases.

“With the right material and careful application, making labels for your bottles is quick and easy, while giving them a professional touch and custom look,” added Carmany. “More and more of our customers are branding and customizing their bottles using these simple tips.”, the InternetÂ’s largest supplier of blank labels for laser and inkjet printers, offers solutions in determining the best label material and provides useful tips in applying labels for customizing beer, wine and water bottles.

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